Access The Performance Of The Commission And The System Adopted In Training Their Employees


The aim of the project is to assess critically the training exercise carried out by the commission. This would enable us to access the performance of the commission and the system adopted in training their employees.

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Title Page




Table of Contents


  1. 1 Introduction

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Objectives of the Study

1.4 Significance of the Study

1.5 Scope and Limitations of the Study

1.6 Organization of the Study

1.7 Definition of Terms


Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Training

2.3 Selection

2.4 Placement



Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction Research Design

3.2 Sample and Population of the Study

3.3 Sources of Data and Collection Instrument

3.4 Method of Data Analysis

3.5 Research Problem


Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1 Brief History of the Case Study

4.2 Presentation of Data

4.3 Analysis of Data

4.4 Staff Discipline

4.5 Training

4.6 Summary of the Chapter


Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Summary of Findings

5.2 Recommendation

5.3 Conclusion




Training of personnel is one of the most important functions of personnel management. Training is the process by the management attempts to achieve the organization goals. Infant human resources can be described as the key note of the resources to the very existence of an enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary here to describe the various system of training. The system of training civil service varies from one country to another country it should be noted that the first country to develop a scientific system of training was America.

In Nigeria the merit system of training civil servant is adopted.

However, training into administrative cadre in the Western Nigeria was based on orientation and induction of employees.

A typical training service commission training is based on orientation and inductive, provides new organization about policies procedures practices and rule that will affect them.

Also, the employees are provided information about the job on which they will work.

All these information should be communicated in a work as quickly as possible.

At this point in time, having viewed what has been said so far, it is against the background that the principle and merit plays a vital role in safeguarding the right of all citizens as a matter of fact, the best guaranteed against federal character nepotism and arbitrary training into the commission.

We can therefore that the best available talented is trained to the principle of merit.


Training has been a process of learning the skill that you need to do a job e.g. management training or vouchers training etc.

In as much that it is essential for an organ manpower develop and efficiency.

One of the identified problems is the method of training based on orientation during the induction of employees. It has generally been by employees through practical had not yielded the much needed result and therefore rendered the whole exercise useless and punctured the sound orientation.

Another problem to be considered is the employment of non professionals into unions fields work and this coned not bring about efficiency and manpower development. It has been observed on those that are not professionally available employed to work has not been able to give their best take for example the training service commission should have employed those that have not been able to give trained best.

Furthermore, merit is another perceived problem was observed the people that are employed and not based on merit it has always been based on whom you know syndrome and this has really affected manpower. Effectiveness and efficiency.

Finally carrying out a study of teaching service commission which expresses its belief in training their teachers but govern policies of federal character had pruned their ways in this regard efficiency.

– Standardize level of education

– To get aid of universe element

– Bring smart to the commission

The government policies of federal character even state government has been the enemy or the commission. It is observed that trained person that was aware file would not be employed why2 Because the trained person did not come from that state and therefore will not be employed and this helped the Teaching Service Commission in jeopardy.

In view of this all of above stated point had been the perceived problem encounter by the Kwara State Teaching Commission.


The aim of the project is to assess critically the training exercise carried out by the commission. This would enable us to access the performance of the commission and the system adopted in training their employees.

To find out the system is based on strictly supervision to evaluate the work of each employees and it have been used mostly frequently as a based on selected candidate making merit increase in hourly rates or salaries.


The essence of carrying out a research of the magnitude is to points out the significance of the study. The research is based on study and observation; it will be the premise ‘to solving that problem encountered in training which is a guide to manpower development in Kwara State Teaching Commission.

However, the process of training of the teacher commission will enhance the efficiency of the staff and bring about some level of achievement and efficiently to the commission.

Secondly, It improve and standardize the level of education of the commission is the necessary tools of training is put in place which will further aggregate and accelerate the process of training there by bringing standardization to the education in the State.

Lastly, the significance of the study will bring about sanity in the teaching service commission and unnecessary and unwanted policies and element could be about doing a job.


Owing of the constraints of time and other resources of the study will cover a period of five years from 2006/2011 and the training for both senior and junior staff of the commission will be covered.

Mean whiles these categories of staff and non-academics staff. The academic staffs are the teaching staff while the non-academic staffs are the non teaching staff.

Financial constraints posed a great problems from to travel from in anticipation of gathering more facts as regards the new education policy from the guidance and counseling teachers. Typing, binding of the project will also constitute problem.


The organization of the commission is strictly in accordance with the introduction of the chapter one deals with the introduction of the project which induce aims of study problems, scope, definition of the terms.

Chapter two focus on the literature review, factors affecting training programmes selection placement chapter three discussed the methodology of the study and the data collection.

Chapter four address the analysis and presentation or training procedures on the commission.

Chapter five is devoted to summary, recommendations and some attempts to suggest solution to the problem of Kwara State Teaching Service Commission.



This is a way impacting of more knowledge and experiences to the staff they need to be introduces to new employer the work environment and to show how t perform specific within the teaching services commission.


This supply means the countries stock of skilled and unskilled labour forces at a particular period it is that part of the total population which produce or could produces good services.


Development deal with the actuation undertaking to expose on employee to perform additional duties and assumed position of importance in the organization hierarchy.


This may have employee with ability and determination with appropriate equipment yet his productivity falls below expected standards. The reason for this lack of skill and knowledge which are required through training and development.


It defines the duties and responsibilities involved e g comedian to make laugh


It defines the qualities and skill necessary i.e. self confidence and sense of hour and ability to make people laugh.


Is most often used in non manufacturing firms especially where employees are heavenly union and labour management relation represent a substantial portion of the total function.


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