The impact of material handling equipment on store activities (a case study of doyin investment limited company)

The primary objective for the research work is satisfy one of the pre-requisite for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate in Purchasing and Supply awarded by Department of Purchasing and Supply, Institute Finance and Management Studies. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.

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  • Introduction 1

1.1   Historical Background of the Study                 2

  • Statement Of The General Problem                 7
  • The objective of the study 8
  • Significance of the study 9
  • The scope of the study 9
  • Limitation of the study 9
  • Definition Of Terms 11


  • Literature Review 13
    • Various types of materials suitable for stockyard storage                                         22
    • Materials handling system 23
    • Types of equipment 30

CHAPTER THREE                          

3.0          Methodology                                             36

3.1          Research Approaches                               36

3.2          Sources of Data                                        36

3.3          Research Instruments used                      37

3.4          Questionnaire                                           38

3.5          Research population and sample size               38

3.6          Sampling procedure employed                  38

3.7          Method of data Analysis                                   39


  • Data Presentation and Analysis 40
    • Test of Hypothesis 57


  • Summary of Findings 59
    • Conclusion 61
    • Recommendations 62

References                                                              66

Appendix                                                                68



Most organizations whether in manufacturing service or extractive field of operating make use of materials handling equipments in their daily operations.

Handling of materials, which is the main activity in store house and stockyards are costly operations and therefore, the methods and equipments employed in handling should be efficient

As in many other aspects of store function, the approaches depend on the nature of the business, the kind of stock carried and the size of the accommodation.

In a large stores house responsible for a wide range of a goods with weekly output measured in hundred of tons it will b e necessary to provide some manual handling equipment and mechanical handling for moving the heavy materials. In this case, it’s not unusual to find overhead cranes, fork lift trucks and conveyor all in operations. With mobile and crane and dumpers in the stockyards.

The impacts of materials handling equipments on the store function of an organization cannot be over emphasize for effective service, organization should be able to transport materials, equipments, spares from one point to another as effectively as possible.

As a result material handling equipments, only few workers are needed for its operation and this tends to save the company huge amount of money, time and reduction in work of the labour. The position of materials handling remains a subject of concern to most business organization.

It’s on this vital issue that research work will focus by examining the role o purchasing and store departments. In regard to material handling operation manufacturing organization. Although, these functions spend a significant Portion of organization income.


Doyin investment Nigeria Limited was sited along Asa Dam Road Kwara State. The company specialized in product of Flash. Hi-Cleans, Vogues, Dento Clean and Wash rite.

The company was incorporated in October 1984 by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Commerce and Industry Act 1985 all the installation started immediately.

The Head Office is at Lagos State. Doyin is from Kwara State. He decided to site the industries in the state capital for the purpose of reducing the problem of unemployment within and outside the state.

The materials used in production are imported materials but now some materials are being produced locally. Some of the materials were specially made for Doyin investment Nigeria Limited from oversea e.g. Blank Corp. Sodium Syndicate etc.

The organizational chart showing department and staff position. The General Manager is the Head of the industry.

The sole responsibilities of the whole operations rest on him. He is the only person that gives order on any important issues. When there is a need to Purchase capital equipment or purchase large quality of raw materials involving millions naira.

After the General Manager are the Technical Manager, Production Manager and Quality Control Manager.

The technical manager wherever there is any needs to purchase costly equipment. The Product Manager has under him the raw materials store, central stores and warehouses where they keeps the finished products.

The raw materials that always kept in the store for production include:

  1. Flash Cartons for packing the detergent.
  2. Inner case in which the soap and the detergent itself are being packed.
  • Polly products (Wash Right Bags) are used to pack the detergent that was no in cartons. It is weighted in kilograms (500kg).
  1. The components at the raw materials store:
  2. STPP (Sodio Tripolifapato)
  3. Sodium Syndicate
  • Glue
  1. Blank Corp
  2. Blue Due
  3. perfume
  • Caustic Soda
  • Sulphuric Acid.

All the raw materials are kept for production process in the raw materials store until they come to request for them from the production shop floor. The STPP (Sodium Triphotasopato) is in separate tank with the provision of taps so that as they are being dissolved by water, some are passes to the next machine where the operation starts.

The sodium syndicate is used to neutralize the acid of the detergent during the production. Glue, Blank Corp and Caustic Soda are also parts of the raw materials used for production for the detergent and during this period it is in white colour. The blue due will be supplied so that it will change the white colour to blue colour, It depends on the colour of the detergent they want to produce, perfume is then supplied at the final stage, so that the detergent will give passive smell, this will normally be on the cloth. The quality control manager in collaboration with design and engineering department work on how much chemical should be used, the design packing and packages, what types of colour will attract the customer, the dimension for the cartons hardness so it does not just get spoiled anyhow. The amount of raw materials to be used in forecast by the quality control department. At it’s always happening in cost -organization the store department will supply all document connected with the purchase of raw material arid stationeries to the account department so that tie necessary funds is given to them to buy from outside organization. The entire document are not given to the account department only to issue money for purchasing the materials alone, but the account department use it for the organization annual budget.

In every department there is a supervisor monitoring the affairs of the clerks and other cleaners, so that the information will be flowing upward from the cleaner to supervisor and to different heads of department.

Most of the decision taken in the organization is such the decision flow down warding.


Most organizations in this country do not know the impact of the materials handling equipments on store function in most cases many organization encounter problem in the application of and operation of handling equipment.

Materials handling equipments cost a lot of money, the less handling equipments involved in the stores operations, the better it is in terms of cost reduction and consequently better profit.

In facts, the use of materials handling equipments saves the money and time and make work to be effectively and efficiently done.

The financial commitment in procuring materials handling equipment as well as its introduction is a problems for most firms instances, operational problems is another obstacle that is normally encountered in the application of materials handling equipment an organization since there is the need for trained manpower to handle the machines, driven machine in the organization

Introduction to materials handling equipment in the store house requires a careful study of the existing store house. It was observe that most store houses need to be modified before particular handling equipment can be introduced


  1. The primary objective for the research work is satisfy one of the pre-requisite for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate in Purchasing and Supply awarded by Department of Purchasing and Supply, Institute Finance and Management Studies. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.
  2. To determine the extent to which effective materials handling equipments can lead to the attainment of organization objectives.


It is hoped that Doyin Investment company Limited Ilorin Kwara State being that entity on which the study is centered upon will certainly find this projects more beneficial in the sense that, it would expose the company’s lapses and possible ways of rectifying the lapses.

This study is significant because it will serve as a reference source for future researcher writing on similar topic.

The research study will broaden the knowledge out for the researcher in the subject molted


This study will cover only the impact of materials handling equipment on the store function of an organization.

The research work will be limited in scope to Doyin investment company Ilorin.


The successful conduct of this research work has not by any means been an easy task. The researcher faced a lot, of problems which almost threaten the success of the study.

Firstly in view limited time for the submission of this research work, the researcher was forced to restore the scope of the study to doyin investment company limited ilorin.

Also, lack of enough and adequate financial resources made it quite impossible for the researcher to visit all the similar companies spread across the country.

Another problem faced by the researcher was the lack of access to required facts and figures relating to the subject matter the company’s official in charge of such facts and figures this did not allow the researcher access to them.


Hypothesis is a tentative answer to research questions. It is often stated in form of relationship between a dependent and independent variables.

The following hypothesis will be employed in this research work.

H0: Null hypothesis, materials handling equipment has no    impact on store function of an organization.

H1: Alternative hypothesis, materials handling equipment has       positive impacts on the store function of an organization.


(1) RESEARCH: The act of investigation to obtain fact about something from varieties of sources.

(2) RESEARCHER: The individual who undertake to carry-out investigation to discover facts about something from many sources. 4

(3) STOCK: This is an item that are held in the store house,

4) STORE HOUSE: This is a place where goods are kept for immediate and future consumption.

(5 OVERHEAD CRANES: It is used to load and unload heavy object from loading vehicle and railway wagon.

(6) MATERIALS HANDLING: These are the equipments employed in moving material (moving) from one place to another.

(7) MANUAL HANDUNG: This is a natural ways of handling items which are not too heavy. This is the use of hands without any equipment.

(8) RACK: This is the name given to any kind of storage fixtures that cannot be grouped as schedule or bin.



Significance of materials handling equipments to store operation has been seen by many writers from different perspectives. According to Harold Wilson (IE)33) materials handling was identified as one of the most important areas of potential savings on cost and improving industrial competitiveness.

These costs are often hidden within the total manufacturing costs.

British Materials Handling Board was formed in 1977 because of, one

Hg problem identify led with automatic system is that it will work at rate at which s designed in such a way that easy flow of items or material held will be ensured without hindrances cause by the choosing of gang ways or blocking to access.

Another problem that was identified which is not just a question of speeding up the process, but question of controlling it and use of materials handling will reduce stock level in the sense that there will be no loss analysis from damages loss in transit, spoilage and increased lead-time etc.



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