The Determinant Of Choice Of Promotional Mix In The Marketing Of Financial Services In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Uba)

  The main purpose of this study is to deal with the management of promotional mix variables in the financial (Banking sector as it helps to aid and increase performance, taking the united Bank for Africa as a case study.

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Marketing activities cannot said to be complete a effectives if the consumer did not get the message or where the message did not reach the target audience (market) an effective message needs to pass across the market so that consumer will be aware of the company’s product, where the company is what exactly the company produce and benefit to be derived from using the products. No doubt consumers want satisfaction and the company needs to find all ways in satisfying the consumer that is why this is need to plan and check which of the promotional mix will be effectives for conveying message to the targeted market. Promotional mix can be explained as all strategy, ways, it may be through the following took: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling publicity and public relations, which ever close by a company have to delivered what the company’s what it to achieve and that is why one has to planned ahead in determining which are will be effective. In Nigeria financial services such as the bank and insurance home use different means in creating awareness and promoting their service because they are aware that they can not succeed by sitting down in their offices and expecting customer to come, so they use either personal selling or sales promotion in marketing sure customers patronize their bank. In course of determining the right choice to adopt, this study will evaluate the usefulness of promotional mix and again carryout research by testing some hypothesis through either primary source or secondary source which means questionnaire will be relevant, hastily, the research work will deal with all promotional mix before choosing which one is most suitable for financial services. 



  • Introduction
  • Statement of problems of the study
  • Aims and objectives of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope of the study
    • Theoretical scope
    • Geographical scope
    • Industrial scope
    • Time scope
  • limitations and constraints to the study


  • Review of past research reports on the subject matter (empirical review)
  • Review of braineral test (theoretical reviews)
  • Summary of review
  • Hypothesis formulation


  • Research design
  • Data collection method/techniques
    – Type of data collection
    –       sources of data
    –       Method of collection

    • Data presentation and analysis techniques (tools of analysis)
  • Sampling procedures
    • Definition of population
    • Sample unit
    • Sample frame
    • Sample size and distribution
    • Sample selection


  • Brief history of case study
  • Analysis of problems (data presentation and analysis)
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Summary of findings


  • Summary of report
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations





        No one knows who you are, where you are, what you worth and what you have to offer until you tell, display or disclose your identity, and this can only be achieved through an effective promotional strategy promotion here helps to communicate and disseminate necessary information about a firm, its operation and its offering to the targeted market or customers.

Product planning, pricing and distribution are marketing activities that are performed mainly within the company or between the company its “partners” however, through its promotional activities, to beat the drum about its product the purpose of the study is to deal with the management and the determinant of promotional mix variable that is the combination of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity and also public relations used to reach the goals of the marketing programs.

A company’s total communications is marketing mix also called its promotional mix consists of specific blend of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and direct-marketing tools that the company use to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives as postulated by Philip mottle and Gary Armstrong (2006).

Promotion is highly required in order to market financial services because this section has become highly competitive nowadays that they need to embark on aggressive promotional activities to position than selves in the mind of the consumes promotion of financial services differs from physical goals in learns of total marketing program and the media-mix that is used. The clence of media-mix to advertise or promote financial services must be those ones that have staying power that is such message that will be imprinted in the memory of psycho of the prospective customer advertising, sales, promotion, public relation, worth of mirth, direct mail, persimmon marketing are all promotional mix that can simply be employed or combined in the marketing of financial services product.


        In almost every banking or financial organization the choice of promotional mix variables account for a large proportion of their operations. It has a strategic role to play in the economic development of industrial less advanced relations. Economic like ours (Nigeria) and remain important in the economy of the more highly important in the economy of the more highly industrialized nations.

However financial organizations (banks mostly) are finding it difficult to choose from the promotional mix variables that one is most fitting and that helps in efficient and effective operation and realization of the firm’s objective. The problem areas hold to the fact that some of the firm fail to take into consideration those possible factors that determines the choice of promotional mix variable that helps to compare the operations and activities of the firm with the variables choice to know the one that fits the firm.

Also considered here is the financial strength of the firm which claims to be one of the factors that determine the choice of promotional mixes it determines the amount of capital appropriated to promotion department, sector or budget in the organization.


        The main purpose of this study is to deal with the management of promotional mix variables in the financial (Banking sector as it helps to aid and increase performance, taking the united Bank for Africa as a case study.

Also aim to identify and highlight factors that determine the firm’s choice of promotional mix in the marketing of their services (i.e. financial services problem)

And also to look into the future-anticipate, forecast and predict the future stand of the united bank for Africa in the market place, to make appropriate recommendation for efficiency and effectiveness in operation


        This research work would be of importance to many souls who are interested. This importance would include the following.

  1. It would serve to bring to know the importance and the effect of promotion or communication in the marketing of financial services in banking sectors in Nigeria
  2. It would be of importance to the limited bank for Africa as the case study as it helps to know take into consideration before the choice of any promotion al variable.
  3. It would be of importance to the researcher as it should help or enable them to combat any problem that may arise as a result of selecting promotional mix variable in case they found them selves in such position letter in future.
  4. It would serve as a useful purpose to the consumer as it makes them have more knowledge of them have more knowledge of the firm and its offerings everyday to know hoe to make their decision compare to that of competitors.
  5. It would also help other financial sectors or to know hoe best to handle and manage their promotional department as to be fit into the market.
  6. finally, the study would also services as a secondary data source to other researchers later.


        Determinant of promotional tools to choose or select as it applies to the marketing performance in the marketing of financial services is a broad scope which includes:


        The area of coverage of this research work is centered on the mix in the marketing of financial services in Nigeria the impact of this marketing strategy will be analyzed.


        The area covered in terms of location is a very wide range where there are numerous consumers whom make use of U.B.A services right from Kwara state to other state where U.B.A are being delivered their services across the countries.


        This research work will cover the banking industries using U.B.A as a references point of the banking industries that either produces services to satisfy consumers or delivered their services in terms of and other means for consumer satisfaction.

1.5.4        TIME SCOPE

        As a result of the limited time, the data obtained will be within a span of a year and the validity of the outcome can only be tenable for the duration of (3) three year as a result of changing in marketing condition.


        This part of the study explains or highlight the possible factors limiting the scope and success of the study. Some of these factors are:

  • Lack of financial capacity: this is one of the crucial factors affecting the functionality of the study as it denies the researcher through financial strength to conduct the necessary research based on the success of the study.
  • Lack of materials: Scarcity and inadequate required data and information has always been one of the generally factor acting against the success of many research study in Nigeria. Few available secondary data cells for the use of primary data, which involves huge financial strength.
  • Poor communication and transportation system is another factor that limits the scope of the study as it disallows the researcher the right to cover some other aspects of the population for the study.

Also limiting against the study is the lack of co-operation of the respondent supplying false data duet to saliency, ignorance of illiteracy.



        Every marketing element in the marketing mix communicates something to consumer. Therefore one of the function of marketing management is to ensure that the consumer does not receive contradictory or confusing message from the element of the marketing mix. The marketing communication or promotion mix comprises of complex techniques that may use by management to communicate with consumer and to promote, inform, persuade and remind about the firm product or service (financial services) to the consumers.

This part of the study wish delve into the concept and content of the study i.e. the concept of promotion and promotional mix, the role of promotion and promotional mix, the role


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