Qr Code Based Attendance System

This work is on “QR CODE BASED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM”. In this era of technology smartphones play a significant role in our day to day life.

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This work is on “QR CODE BASED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM”. In this era of technology smartphones play a significant role in our day to day life. Nowadays smartphones can solve most of the problem very quickly and easily. It has made life of every person simple and easier with different social app, commercial app, problem solving app, app for education and marketing etc. Followed by the technology the paper purposed a system that will handle a problem for recording the attendance. The proposed system is a couple of two applications, one for generating the QR Code by entering the student details and second application for taking the attendance and generating the attendance in CSV or XLS format. The teacher will need to scan the QR code of the particular student in order to confirm their attendance. The paper discusses how the system verifies student identity to eliminate false registrations. The system deals with the management and evaluation of attendance of all students. The student QR code will be provided to professor for taking their attendance. The professor handling the subjects is responsible to mark the attendance for all students of the group or class. The attendance will be marked as 0 and 1, 0 for absent and 1 for present in the database of the particular student row in the table. The student attendance reports will be generated in CSV and XLS sheet for further use.


      1.0                                    INTRODUCTION

Among the various types of attendance systems that have been developed,  using punch cards, log books, fingerprint systems, barcodes, QR codes and also RFID still  cause lots of problems such as providing incorrect information to the users. The purpose of the smartphone based attendance system is to computerize the traditional way of recording attendance and provide an easiest and smart way to track attendance in institutions nowadays, the most common device that have been come into account in marketing and business are smartphone devices. Moreover, it comprises lots of them running Android OS.

      1.1                      BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Taking students’ attendance by university instructors during each class is a time consuming process especially when classes are big. Some faculty policies require this task to be performed by the instructor in each lecture. In other words, out of the total hours that are assigned to a given course, which is typically forty-five hours per semester, up to eight hours may be lost to perform this process that usually takes around ten minutes per lecture.

Statistics in [1] shows that 42% of smartphone users have an average age of 26 years old. Thus, with the widespread of smartphones among university students, this paper addresses the problem of such a waste in the lecture time and proposes a system that offers to reduce it by almost 90%. The proposed solution offers a QR code for the students to scan it via a specific smartphone application. The code along with the student identity taken by the application will confirm the students’ attendance.

This way, the system will save not only time but also efforts that were supposed to be put by instructors during each lecture. It will speed up the process of taking attendance and leave much time for the lecture to be given properly.

The proposed system also takes care of preventing unauthorized attendance registration using multi-factor authentication. That is, it considers “Something you know”, “Something you have”, and “Something you are” to confirm the student identity.

       1.2                              AIM AND OBJECTIVE STUDY

“QR Code Based Attendance Management System” is a combination of two android applications developed for taking and storing the attendance of the students on the daily basis in the college. Here the professor, who is handling the subjects, will be responsible to mark the attendance of the students. Each staff will be given an android application that is used for taking attendance and generate the overall attendance status. An accurate report based on the student attendance is generated here. Report of the student’s attendance on weekly and monthly basis is generated as desired. The main objective of the automated attendance system is to computerize the traditional way of recording attendance and provide an efficient and automated method to track attendance in institutions. At the end of this work, student involved shall be able to:

  2. Integrating Android device with QR code and SQLite to store attendance
  • Analyzing the attendance on weekly and monthly

             1.3                             PROBLEM STATEMENT

The traditional system is still mostly used in lecture room or laboratory session in most institution today. Lecturer or instructor will give out a sheet of paper containing list of student’s name to sign or in some cases, the student will be the ones to write their names, student id and matriculation number to indicate their presence for a particular class. Falsification in student attendance does occur rampantly in the traditional method. For example, another student can easily sign an attendance on behalf of another student. In other to prevent this problem, it is necessary to develop an Authentication System for Students using QR code.

1.4                     SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT

Advantages of QR Code Based Attendance System:

  1. Provide better
  2. Maintenance of the system is easy and cost
  • Generate the result
  1. Provide accurate and efficient
  2. User

       1.5                            BENEFIT OF THE PROJECT

  1. Economic feasibility: The developed system is time effective because attendance is marked automatically. It is also cost effective because of no use of
  2. Technical feasibility: The system is economic and it does not use any other additional Hardware and software.
  • Behavioral feasibility: The system is user

   1.6                                 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT

This paper proposes a system that is based on a QR code, which is being displayed for students during or at the beginning of each lecture. The students will need to scan the code in order to confirm their attendance. The paper explains the high level implementation details of the proposed system. It also discusses how the system verifies student identity to eliminate false registrations.

1.7                          FEACTURE OF PROPOSED SYSTEM

  1. User Friendly
  2. Reports are easily generated
  3. Very less paper work
  • One spot solution for attendance calculation

1.8                                     APPLICATION OF THE PROJECT

This device is used to take attendance in different places like institutions, organisations, hospitals, etc

1.9                                     PROJECT MOTIVATION

Educational institutions still use attendance registers for managing student attendances. The teacher has to call out names during the lecture time. Increased number of students causes wastage of reasonable amount of time from the valuable lecture time. To save this time, some teachers follow the method of marking attendance by signing on a paper which    is passed to the class during the lecture time. Here there is a chance of cheating by the students by putting signature of  a absent person. These issues motivate the design of a new system.

1.10                               PROJECT ORGANISATION

The work is organized as follows: chapter one discuses the introductory part of the work,   chapter two presents the literature review of the study,  chapter three describes the methods applied,  chapter four discusses the results of the work, chapter five summarizes the research outcomes and the recommendations.



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