Marketing Of Commercial Bank Services In Nigeria

This study examined the marketing of commercial bank’s services in Nigeria with a view to determining the marketing.  Such services in the face of staff competitions and problematic climate currently facing the banking industry.

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This study examined the marketing of commercial bank’s services in Nigeria with a view to determining the marketing.  Such services in the face of staff competitions and problematic climate currently facing the banking industry.

A total of 37 questionnaires were distributed to marketing unit (department) of all the commercial banks operating in Nigeria.  30 of these questionnaires were used in analyzing and testing the hypothesis in the study.

Six research questions and two hypothesis were raised, these questions were analysed, using percentage to guide the conduct of the study.  The two hypothesis supported the view that marketing has no relationship with the banks profit.  The basic tool used to analyse the hypothesis was spearman’s Rank correlation.u

The researcher finding was that marketing has an input in the bank’s deposit base and profit.  It play a very important role in the survival and profitability of the commercial banks.

From the findings the researcher concluded that marketing activities have remarkably affected the deposit base and profitability of commercial banks in Nigeria.


Title page






  • Introduction
  • Statement of problem
  • Research questions
  • Research hypothesis
  • Significance of study
  • Purpose of study
  • Limitation of study
  • Definition of terms



  • Introduction
  • History of commercial banks in Nigeria
  • Commercial banks Nigeria
  • Marketing department in the organizational structure of commercial banks
  • Commercial bank financial services and the need for marketing
  • Bank marketing and the marketing concept
  • Bank marketing programme
  • Considerations for a successful marketing programme
  • Summary

Chapter three:    Research methodology

  • Introduction
  • Research design
  • Population and sampling procedure
  • Questionnaire design
  • Data source and collection
  • Data analysis techniques and statistical model used





  • Data presentation and discussion
  • Answers to research questions
  • Hypothesis testing



  • Summary
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

Questionnaire appendix A:
Appendix B:
Questionnaire to commercial banks



The Nigerian financial market and economy have withessed a lot of changes over the years.

One of such changes is the withdrawal of government related accounts.

This resulted to liquidity crunch in the banks in the country, there by increasing competition moving banks and other financial institutions that offer similar services.  This increased competition has made it difficult for banking and other financial institutions to successfully rely on their well worn operational strategies (such as arm chair banking).  As a result, bankers are increasingly realizing that in order for their institutions to survive, it is very important for them to evolve strategies that would promote their services to target clients.  Therefore, in order to fit into the changing environment and at the same time meet the requirements of the economy in which they exist bankers have started the marketing of their services in order to create customer awareness service.

Marketing of banking services can be defined as creating awareness of banking services that would meet the need of the customers at profit. It emphasizes that the customers who is the ultimate target of the banks marketing, must be satisfied. Marketing plays an important role in any organization including banks.  Banking which is a service industry, must identify the needs and stratification that customers seek from it.  They must also learn that marketing is  creative and active process which must involve all the banks staff.

The banking image has generally been considered a poor one among users of banking services that bankers have provided to its customers over the years.

For instance, it is common to see long queues and for customers to wait for hours before they are attended to in banks.  In addition to this, bank customers relationship is in many cases poor.  This poor image may not only be attributed to inefficiency in the banking industry, but also to a large extent to poor or absence of application of marketing strategies in operation of banking practices.

Bank have traditionally been dominated by operation orientation, with a limited attention being accorded to marketing.  This limited marketing role has often been in the area of public relations.  The application of marketing techniques to services in general and banking in particular is a relatively new approach throughout the business sector in Nigeria.

Thus, the Nigeria banking environment lacks behind in the application of income in marketing principles to its service offerings.

However, inspite of its limited usage in the Nigeria business environment, the contribution of marketing techniques to business and industry in Nigeria is making an important difference in the operation of organization in Nigeria.


In the past decades, the banking industry has witnessed many changes with their numerous resultant problems which include the structural adjustment programme (SAP) in 1985, the foreign Exchange market (FEM) the withdrawal of government related accounts and deregulation and the regulation of interest rate.  The industry also witnessed the emergence of more banks and financial institutions.  All these resulted to a stiff competition in the banking industry.  Inorder to survive the competitive climate in the industry it become imperative that banks should adopt innovative ways of attracting customers to the services offered by their banks.

This development caught a lot of commercial banks in Nigeria and united banks for African (UBA) as a case study unawares and left the industry confused as to apply the marketing concepts conduct customer research, and implement marketing strategies.

Given the increasing level of competition in he industry, the study will examine the marketing of commercial banking services in Nigeria.


The following research question have been generated to guide the conduct of the study.

  1. What types of services are offered by commercial banks?
  2. Do commercial banks a functional marketing department (Unit)?
  3. What are the marketing activities used in commercial banks?
  4. What promotional mix do commercial banks make use of ?
  5. What are the media used by commercial banks?
  6. What is the input of marketing activities on deposit bases and the extent by marketing activities profit?


The hypothesis that will be tested in the course of this study are:

H01  There is no significant relationship between the level of commercial banks marketing activities and the level of its deposit base.

H02  There is no significant relationship between the promotional mix used by commercial banks and its profit.


It is hoped that the results of this study help to create and understanding of the importance of marketing strategies to the successful operation of the banking industry hence the complementing role of marketing and successful banking.

The result of the study would be useful in making bankers to understand that their customers are not interruptions to the work rather, they are the purpose for its.


The purpose of this study is examine the marketing of commercial banks services in Nigeria with a view to assessing how commercial banks in Nigeria have marketed their services to the varying needs of their public (cooperate and individuals).  The study will also highlight the services offered by commercial banks with a view to increasing customer awareness of these services.


This study is limited to commercial banks mostly united bank for African (UBA) and standard trust bank.  This is because of accessibility of the area to the researcher as well as lack of finance and time to cover other commercial banking operations.


This is a conscious effort by a bank to promote its financial products, develop customers satisfying services, to create awareness of these product and its financial products, develop customers satisfying services to create awareness of these product and its delivery at a profit to the bank.

BANK MARKETING:  This is the philosophy of banking organization in the economic and social justification for a firms existence. It also consist of determining the needs and wants or target markets and delivery desired satisfaction more efficiency the competition.

FINANCIAL SERVICES:     These are stock in trade (products) of banks, they characterized by intangibility, variability and perish ability.

BANKS MARKETING OBJECTIVES: A formulized and written statement of what a bank intends to achieve through its marketing strategy.

BANKS MARKETING:  The total amount of money deployed by bank management perceived to be sufficient achieve their marketing objectives, usually determinate at the beginning of the financial year.

BANK MARKETING RESEARCH: A systematic objectives and exhaustive search for, or study of the facts relevant to any problem in the field of bank marketing. BANK MARKETING SEGMENT:

A sub market of the total heterogeneous market that is homogenous in all significant aspect and tends to have discernible customer characteristics that a bank exploring or intend to explore.


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