Management Of Institutional Housing Estate

The study aim is to examine the management process of institutional property using Unilorin staff quarters as a study area.

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1.0   Introductory background                                         1

1.1   Introduction                                                             2

1.2   Statement of problem/justification for the study     3

1.3   Significance                                                             4

1.4   Aim and Objectives                                                  4

1.5   Scope of the study                                                   5

1.6   Limitation of the study                                             5

1.7   Study area (Geographical setting, Historical

background)                                                           6

1.8   Definition of Terms                                                  9


2.0   Literature Review                                                     11

2.1   Introduction                                                             11

2.2   Function of management                                         13

2.3   Property management                                              18

2.4   Management of institutional property                      20


3.0   Research methodology                                             21

3.1   Sources of data collection                                                22

3.2   Sampling techniques                                                       25

3.3   Constraint                                                               25

3.4   Organogram of University of Ilorin staff quarters     27


4.0   Data interpretation and analysis of result                        31

4.1   Assessment of building condition                            37


5.0   Summary of findings, Recommendation and

Conclusion                                                             47

5.1   Summary of findings                                                       47

5.2   Recommendation                                                     48

5.3   Conclusion                                                              50

References                                                              52


It has been shown that institutional properties like staff quarters. Students hotels, among others are always not property managed. This has direct effect on the life span of the building it is, therefore, the aim of this dissertation to analysis how institutional properties are being managed, to combat the various problems confronting management of institutional property.

An institutional property is a type of property eligible for special treatment within package policies. This can include religious or charitable organizations, hospital and educational institutions.




        Right from time, food, clothing and shelter have been the three most basic requirement of man of all these three requirements, food and clothing are two which influence man’s life more than the house in which they seeks shelter, security comfort and dignity.

Education is very important in our societies, the teaming population and continuous dearth of resources for the provision of real properties especially in our tertiary institution of learning the need for the effective management of our available properties became more pronounced and cumbersome putting the management skills of the present property managers to task.

In recent time, total student enrolment into our various universities, polytechnics, colleges of education etc have increased several folds above their original projected capacity without a corresponding development of facilities to meet the demand. While it is a fact that there is a significant relationship between intensity of use and the rate of deterioration of real properties. It is also a fact that sound property management policies and its proper implementation could make the difference. Social scientist and educational have shown great concern on the nature of relationship between staff and their working environment and they are unanimous on the fact that conducive environment has a positive bearing on the ability of a staff to perform all things being equal.

Thus, it is very important to mention that the main aim of property managers in the management of educational properties should be to enhance the welfare of both the students, teaching staff and other supporting staff by ensuring that these properties are designed, constructed and maintained in sound, functional aesthetic and structural condition.

It is very important to put our institutional properties in a better use in order to make the environment conducive for learning and other activities.


        The deplorable conditions of most properties in our educational institution has been a subject of concern to both the government, student, educationalist and all progressive minded people alike. This appealling situation apart from being and affront to the dignity of the nation has been traced to have a significant contribution to the rapid and falling standard of education in Nigeria as student, lecturers and other supporting staff are often subjected to working, studying or living in structures/environment which could  be described as pathetic.

Despite the billions of naira voted annually for the development and maintenance of these educational facilities. They are quite often poorly managed and this had led to the rapid deterioration of landed properties and infrastructure in most of our educational institutions.


        It is helped that the findings of this study will be published in learned journals and be disseminated through media for the management of institutional estate in Nigeria.

–       To emphasis on how our institutional properties should be properly managed to enhance their life span.

–       To be used has a foot step on how a property can be well maintained or managed.

–       The research work should be use in utilizing a new housing policies and encourage their implementation.

–       It serves as a reference point for other researcher who may be interested in the same research work.


        The study aim is to examine the management process of institutional property using Unilorin staff quarters as a study area.

The objectives of the study area as follow

  1. To identify the various types of properties in the study.
  2. To access the condition of the properties in case study.
  3. To identify the major problems militating against effective management of the properties.
  4. To make recommendation that would ensure the effective management of the universities.


        The scope of the study covers University of Ilorin staff quarters.


Securing data for this study was not an easy task. This is due to the nature of the study some respondent collected questionnaires and did not return it back.

Some were of the opinion that the research would not offer, then any increase in the salary or while some argued that the information might be used for other purpose. Other than academics as claimed by the research.

Other problems encounter by the researcher during the cause of study includes not having asses into the research area, many went to work and also were afraid to receive visitor because of Boko – Haram or security conscious.

1.7   STUDY AREA (Geographical Setting Historical Background)

The University of Ilorin is located in the ancient city of Ilorin, about 300km from Lagos and Abuja. It is strategically located at the geographical and cultural confluence of the north and south.

University of Ilorin was one of the seven institutions of higher learning that were established by a decree of the federal military government in August 1975. This steps taken to implement one of the education directives of the countries. third national development plan was aims at providing more opportunities for Nigerians aspiring to acquire university education and generating high level of man – power so vital for the rapidly expanding economy. At that time, seven new institutions were inaugurated, four of which started as full – fledged universities sited at Sokoto, Maiduguri, Jos and Calabar, while the rest became East while university college situated at Ilorin, Kano and Port – Harcourt.

The University College of Ilorin was initially affiliated to the University of Ibadan, T.N, Tamuno, Professor, and head of History at the University of Ibadan was appointed the first principal of the college. Shortly after Professor Tamuno’s appointment as principal of the college, he was appointed the vice – chancellor of the University of Ibadan. It therefore became necessary to appoint another principal in person of O.O. Akinkugbe, Professor of Medicine and former Dean of the faculty of Medicine University of Ibadan.

The new principal, Professor O.O. Akinkugbe made several visits to the second military Governor of Kwara State, Late Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo in connection with the new institution, such that by March 1975, he had established residence at Ilorin, in a relatively humble quarters, which also includes a three – bedroom guest chalet at 5, forest road G.R.A where the administrative work of the university was done. Initially, the entire staff consisted of two administrative officers, one driver and one clerk/typist.

Almost immediately, staff recruitment began in earnest, and by July 1976, a sizeable number of academic, administrative and technical staff had been assembled for the take – off. Soon afterwards, the administration moved to a slightly more spacious location at Sabo Oke.

The support given to the fledgling institution by Governor Taiwo continued under the third military Governor of the state, Brigadier George Innih, now a retired Major General, who ceded a portion of the temporary site of Kwara State College of Technology to her. In October, 1977, the institution attained full autonomous status and has since developed by leaps and bounds. It has extended it’s expansion and development programmes to the main campus of the university, about eight kilometers east of Ilorin city. The main campus currently houses the faculties of Science, Engineering and Technology, Agriculture, The preclinical arm of the faculty of Health science, The Unilorin sugar research institute, The Post Graduate School, The central administration Building and works department. The mini – campus presently house the faculties of Arts, Business and Social Science, Education and Health Sciences (Clinical). Yielding project such as The Unilorin Bookshops, The Bakery, The Printing Press, The Petrol Station and The Guest Houses are also housed on the mini – campus.


ESTATE: Is a legal entity denoting the character and quantity of right that an individual or individuals possessing in property.

It is also a large area of land which is owned by a family or an organization. It includes any interest in a landed property which give risk to a measure of control.

MANAGEMENT: Management according to Follel (2000) defined management as the act of getting thing done through the skills and talent of people. In other hand, it can be define as the act of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the effort of organizational members and using all materials resources to have the organization state objectives.


        It refers to the complex norms regulating the actions of persons in the process of social interaction.


        Planning depends on forecasting for getting it’s objectives right and ensuring that the means for achieving them are available, it is the future and discovers alternative courses of action open to them.


        This is the process of supervision and direction of an interest in landed with the aims of securing optimum return which may be financed or in form of prestige, social, benefit status, political power etc.




        Management identified a special group of people whose job is direct to the efforts and acuities of other toward common objectives simply put, and get thing done through other people. Basically management is a process by which a co operation group direct action toward common goals or the national or judicious allocation and efficient use of resources to achieve desired goals there sources being labour, material/equipment, money time etc.


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