It is the aim of this study to assess the trend of development in kwara state and to see to what extent   the various development plans  had been able to meet their objectives.

Specifically, this study will evaluate the effectiveness of planning as a function of management in an organization using the Kwara State Ministry of Finance and Economic development in Ilorin as a reference point.

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Title page                                                                         i

Certification                                                                     ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                            iv

Table of contents                                                             v


1.0   Background of the study

1.1   Introduction

1.2   Statement of the problem

1.3   Objective of the study

1.4   Significance of the study

1.5   Scope and limitation of the study

1.6   Organization of the study

1.7   Definition of terms



2.0   Literature Review

2.1   Introduction

2.2   Planning as a Managerial function

2.3   Types of Planning

2.4   Step in Planning

2.5   Importance of Reviewing Plans

2.6   Measurement of Resources Usuage

2.7   Resources Usuage Planning

2.8   Benefits of using Resources Planning terms

2.9   Impact of planning on Nigeria Economy



3.0   Research method

3.1   Introduction

3.2   Sample and population of the study

3.3   Sources of Data

3.4   Method of Data Analysis

3.5   Research Problems


4.0   Data presentation

4.1   Introduction

4.2   Brief history of the case study

4.3   Presentation of Data

4.4   Analysis of Data

4.5   Summary of the chapter


5.0   Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1   Summary of Findings

5.2   Recommendation

5.3   Conclusion





Management is a process by which the organization objectives are achieved through coordinated human efforts. It can also be defined as the carrying out of operations designed to accomplish aims and effectiveness of the policies of personnel management is that of the process of management that is concerned with maintainances of human relationship and ensuring that physical well being of employees so that they give maximum contributions to the efficient working.

Planning is the first of the four basic managerial functions although those functions are not prerequisite to the performances of the other three functions of management like organizing, directing and control. Planning is the starting point from which all subsequent activities will develop though there other functions are very important, but planning is the first to be mentioned and as a function of management.

How do we know the number of people we should employ at any particular time? And at what level of education experiences and skill should they process? Will we be able to obtain the right type of planning now and in the future for the survival of the management? What are the planning trends in the country? These are some of the questions in the mind of those charged with the responsibility of staffing the organization. In pondering these questions, employers must take into account what the current planning position is.

Planning therefore, start with forecasting from time immemorial, men has fore told the future. However, as a manager we can fore tell the future by listing to the signals which are constantly emitted from the economic and political environment in which we operate.

Making the right decision about the future and detecting signals in the environment that port and charges affecting profitability, growth and survival of external factors and influences the policy maker must have an awareness of the potential impact on the organization of economic, political, social and technological changes in order to formulate the strategic decision which will determine its future course. To do this, an organization must be in cooperate an environmental monitoring system in its strategic planning. It should constantly search the environment and identity possible potential effects on the operation of the organization and formulate plans to cope with project external threats or opportunists.

Generally speaking, one can not deny the fact that planning is an essential aspect of management and that success of any government depends largely on the efficient planning on management and the management of its scarce resources to attain the major aims and objectives or good at the operation.

The project is therefore, is countered on the planning as a function of management in ministry of finance and economic development in Kwara state.


Many organizations are facing serious problem in how to reach their predetermine goals and objectives, due to lack of good plan, ignorance on the part of the chief executives. The study is therefore to assist the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development or various organizations to be acquainted with the secret to success in an uncertain environment. This can be achieved by aiming at bringing to the limelight the effectiveness of planning as opposed to ancient belief. Various organizations uses planning to stimulate and create adequate finance process.


Specifically, this study will evaluate the effectiveness of planning as a function of management in an organization using the Kwara State Ministry of Finance and Economic development in Ilorin as a reference point. It shall also dwell on the relationship between planning and management.


This project work will help us to know the various strategies of planning. It reveals the impacts of planning as managerial functions in an organization. The significant of this project work will also help in planning how effective planning could be used for implementation of a particular policy.

It will also be a great importance to both private and public organization on how to make effective planning to achieved than stated goals and objectives. It also provides the reader an opportunity of understanding the concept of planning.


The research study is limited to Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. This study covers the entire organization but will be represented by only 20% of the whole population.

This research work is an attempt to bring to light some in effectible factor that would lead to planning as a function of management in an organization with particular attention of ministry of finance and economic development.

The availability, reliability and sufficiency of data, textbook and other materials determine in a great way the success of this research work. Also, the cooperation of interviewed officials and other informed individuals tells much on the success of the study.

However, time and financial constraints as well as the non-disclosure of some of the organization’s strategy reduced considerably the effort of the researcher. It is notable however that the above mentioned constraint do not in any way invalidate this research work as the researcher was able to get relevant and needed information.


Chapter one of my research talks about the introductory aspect of the research, statement, objective, aims and significant includes the scope and limitation of the study, definition of terms, organization of the study and references. Chapter two of this research project work discusses the literature review, planning as managerial functions, types of planning, step in planning, importance of reviewing plan measurement of resources usage and terms, benefit using resource planning and impact of planning on Nigeria economy and references. Chapter three shows the research methodology sample and population, sources of data and method of data analysis, research problem.

Chapter four focuses on historical background of Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, organizational chart. Chapter five give a brief summary, conclusion and recommendation, bibliography of the research.


PLANNING: The process of making plans for something

MANAGERIAL: Usually before noun connected with the work of a manager

ORGANIZATION: A group of people who form a business, club etc together to achieve particular aims to work for a business/ political/ voluntary organization.

INTELLECTUALLY: Using person ability to that in logical way and understand things.

EFFICIENCY: The quality of doing something with no waste of time.


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According to Koontz O. Donnel Weighrieh 1985 P 33, stated that planning is the most basic of all managerial functions. It involves selecting from among alternative future course of action for the enterprises objectives and department goals and determines ways of achieving them. As Billy Goetz (1971 P10) said planning is fundamentally closing and a planning problem arises only when an alternative course of action is discovered. In this sense, it is essentially decision making, although as it will be seen, it is also much more…


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