Financial Management In Co-Operative Financing Agency (A Case Study Of Kwara Co-Operative Financing Agency Ltd)

The study aims at highlight the important of the financial management in an organization using Kwara state cooperative financial agency as a case study.

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Title Page                                                         i

Certification                                                     ii

Dedication                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                            iv

Proposal                                                           vi

Table of content                                               viii


  • Introduction 1
  • Aims and objective of the study 2
  • Statement of the problem 3
  • Limitation of the study 5
  • Scope of the study 7
  • Significance of the study 7
  • Statement of hypothesis 8
  • Research question 9


  • Financial management in a financial institution 12
  • Financial report 14
  • Financial control 15
  • The voucher system 16
  • Internally generated fund 18
  • Financial strengthening 21
  • Internal audit 22
  • Risk management program 23


  • Origin and historical development of Kwara co-operative financing agency 25
  • The objective of Kwara co-operative financing agency                                         27
  • The structure of Kwara co-operative financing agency                                         28
  • Kwara co-operative financing agency committee duties and responsibilities of board of directors 29
  • Responsibilities of the officer. 30



Financial management and organization development

  • Management and agricultural effectiveness 32
  • Organization effectiveness 32
  • Source of fund 33
  • Maintenance of statutory records of the agency 44
  • Kwara cooperative financing agency accounting system.                                         49


  • Summary                 51
  • Recommendation 52
  • Conclusion 54

Bibliography                                                    56



        Co-operative financing agencies are not different from other types of business with respect to efficient management of other funds they requires its used fund very carefully and judiciously because their source of funds tend to be limited.

The peculiar limitation imposed by co-operative principles mark it very difficult for cooperative to obtain sufficient fund from outside. E.g. That interest payment must not exceed a certain percentage.

As a catalyst cooperative financing agency pull together the resources of entire cooperative credit union and by so doing make it possible for credit union to help each other there by bridging the gap between rich and poor cooperative credit union. The cooperative credit concept is widely recognized on the only means to successful improved the standard of living.

Therefore, through the sprit of cooperative mutual self help the rich credit union like to tend some of their individual financial strengths to the poor credit union in the order to effect imposed credit equipment can be financial strength and mutual protection that unit breads.

When a credit union invest part of the member total serving into the apex through the financing programme. It lend its leading power to another by making money available for the credit needs of its members and to accord financial relief in the desire of the world.

The desire for individual to develop them


        The study aims at highlight the important of the financial management in an organization using Kwara state cooperative financial agency as a case study.

THE STUDY FOCUSED ON: The short out the main source of finance to the agency as well as the management of funds the short out areas of problem in the financing agency to suggest and recommend solution to the management of Kwara state co-operative financing agency limited the existed of sound financial management for co-operatives.


        On of the most important problem of the organization is lack of adequate finance to carry out their function successfully.

It is believed that availability of fund can yield so good result and contributed to stability of an organization also lack of financial management in an organization also lack of enough manpower can leads to laxity in all areas of financial management in an organization frustration of these desire of financial management could lead to collapse of an organization, if such organization is to survive any economic crisis.

In the light of above this research intend to find out whether this good and strong financial management which will be supported with interview and it. There are lanuties in any areas, the research intend to sort out what measure to take.

Economically and the desire of cooperative financing agency to become strengthen and provide better services to their member themselves will be used achieved through efficient financial management.

There is better place where members saving could be profitability invested than member them selves. Therefore financial agency, if they are to be used most profitability should and an a matter of priority be made to circulated with financial agency itself and be fully civilized to up like living standard of the members to whom there saving belong.

In general no outsider will want to invest his money in a cooperative member. Often consider leaving only a minimum amount in cooperative business cenly to invest the rest of the money in other types of business, which have no in dividend restrictions.

The phenomenon is term capital flight and emphasized the need for a very careful and efficient management of means fund available to cooperative financing agencies.


There are various problem that the researcher encounter during. The writing of the project, the major areas are during the time of the 2009 annual report of the organization was available for me. I laid my hand on the 2009 annual report.

  1. Source of information: Before any organization is undertaken any information it must be communicated to all who may be affected by the organization their willing cooperation should be solicited and obtained through education as to the value of the organization. The need of organization has to be emphasized failure to do this could lead to organization affected.
  2. Financial problem: if an organization encounter financial problem i.e. affect an employees skill and productivity if it is a piece value job. The employee stand to sustain financial loss view technology is know to have rendered certain skill obsolete. The introduction of data processing machine and mini computer has reduce the number of accountant heed in large corporation
  3. Time: Timing in an organization its success of failure. There are times when people are mentally prepared. Also coat they will rationalize in an organization that is losing money or where there is constant loss in production due to matching breakdown, accident or reject.


        The scope of this study implied to fish out the important of financial management in a self-help financial institution.

The particular apex organization detailed as a case study of Kwara state co-operative financial agency limited in federal ministry of work and housing Ilorin. Kwara state, from the time establishment at 31st December 2001.

The duties and responsibility of the state and management board are steel seen as important is the development co-operative and hence has been in co-operative into these study.


        The research interested in investigation the problem and what will be the contribution to knowledge of the study if successfully carried out? The researcher should try to justify the attempt to solve the problem in term of time cost and energy. He should be able to state the benefit or importance of the researcher is the researcher beneficial to the nation. Employer school, other researcher or the society in general or the industry an which the researcher is being done.

Any research work that is deficient in terms of benefits to humanity or to the user has left out a significant portion of the study.

As the topic implied on completion of the research work, the outcome will add to the existing literature on-banking and guide for future researcher on the topic. It will also spelt out the importance of e-banking from services delivery and development to banking industry, thereby leading to prompt service delivery to the customer.


        Hypothesis is the statement of relationship between variables. In the problem analysis the researcher described or refers to some of the variable that should be investigated because either the relationship between them is not well know often or always has certain consequences. The variables may have some behaviour or characteristics, which are not clear to their investigator.

The general hypothesis to be tested in study is.

Ho:   e-banking has no positive impact on Nigeria banks

Hi: e-banking has positive impact on Nigeria banks.


        Nworgu (1991) described research question as question posed by the researchers in which answer would be lead to the solution of the problem while in the world Asika (1991) research question serves as a guide to the researcher in his search for answer to the problem being studies. Hence, it should be general enough to give rise to other loser question but should still focus on the major problem of the study.

Example of research question are:

  1. What is the relationship between leadership style and job performance.
  2. Why do must male mangers prefer female secretaries
  • What is relationship between budget and inflationary trend?


  1. A good research question must cover as many research questions as would be enough for the major issues in the project work. Meanwhile, there is “no rule stipulates the number of questions to be formulated, however the research should not be too small as not include important aspect of the problem, to too large as to result in an unmanageable of research question.
  2. Research question must be direct and should focus attention on the major issue of the study.
  3. The research question must be related to the problem being investigated and respect important and critical issue of the study.
  4. Research question should be formulated in the clear and unambiguous language that could be answered research should try as much as possible to avoid formulation research question in such a way that it will require yes or No.


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