Examine the impact of marketing activities on the banking sector (a case study of united bank for africa plc, ilorin)

The objectives of this research work is to determine the relevance of marketing department in most banks,

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  • Background of the study

1.1   Introduction of the study

1.2   Statement of problem

1.3   Objectives of Study

1.4   Scope of the Study

1.5   Significance of the Study

1.6   Limitation and Constraints

1.7   Definition of Related Terms and Concepts

1.8   Plan of the Study


  • Literature Review

2.1   Roles of Marketing in Banking Sector

2.2   The Function of Marketing in Banking Sector

2.3   Marketing Concept in Banking System

2.4   Importance and Needs of Marketing in Banking Sector

2.5   Marketing and its features


  • Research Methodology
  • Research Design
  • Research of Data Collection
  • Sampling method
  • Sampling size
  • Method of Data Analysis
  • Historical Background of Organization


  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Data Analysis
  • Summary of Findings


  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation






In these days of stiff competition ion all business concerns including the banks and other financial institutions, the survival of banks rest on the role of marketing department in creating quality service to customers.

A marketing department is designed to know the effectiveness and efficiency of services rendered by organization.

Marketing to some scholars is seen as the process of identifying the needs of the customer and the provision of such needs for maximum satisfaction.  Also, it is the process planning  and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchange that satisfied individual and corporate objectives (American Marketing Association).

Marketing department should ensure that each worker roles and duties are clearly defined and how such roles relates to other roles or department in order to minimize conflict of effort.

Therefore, the role and duties of marketing department in banks or any financial institution cannot be left out for every financial institution to work efficient as expected.

Bank can be defined as financial institution that accept money from the surplus spending unit and gives to the deficit spending unit, to earn a living.  Also it can be viewed as an intermediate between the surplus spending unit (depositor) and the deficit spending unit (borrowed). For effective economic activities.

Bank needs marketing department to achieve its organization goals, using marketing mix.  Therefore there is no way to explain the impact of marketing concept and market segmentation and the relationship with bank marketing concept, according to evil borden and mc earthy of Harvard university is the idea process or strategy used in achieving organizational objectives.  From the marketing.  Point of view, for important areas about which decision needs top be made are:-

  1. a) Product
  2. b) Price
  3. c) Place
  4. d) Promotion

Sometimes referred to as 4ps of marketing, they are known collectively as the marketing mix, must or almost every marketing activity are centered on the so called marketing mix. This marketing mix is related to the marketing activities in the bank as explained below:


Product is defined as any tangible goods that can be easily consumed.  But in the content of banking industry product does not really mean tangible goods by financial services rendered by banks to both actual and potential customers.  Some of the product (financial services)m rendered by banks are:

  1. Cash handling
  2. Money transmission
  3. Investment
  4. Lending
  5. Financial advice


Pricing is the process through which the exchange of a product is made easier.  Pricing is the contact of marketing is a process through which the product is offered in to the market to satisfy the customer needs and brings profit to the firm.

Pricing the product (financial services) rendered or offered by a bank is often more difficult than making pricing decision in a manufacturing outfit.

In determining the price of banks a number f factors will be considered.

  • Bank customer relationship
  • Special offer
  • Customer attitude / mode of operation


        The purposes of production are not satisfied.  If product price does not reach the customer.  Therefore, it is important to relate place as one of the marketing mix to the banks head offices, branches and agent are the right place where product (financial services) are marketed.


Banks because of competitive array of operation needs promotion to let its buyers be aware of both existing and new services and to get customer informed about the use of new services promotion is prominent because of the following:-

  1. Greater competition between banks
  2. Increases in new services to attract customers attention.

There are many reasons for organization to adopt marketing strategy for management effectiveness, but, varies from one organization to another.  The major reasons which can be identified for the design and option of marketing strategy in an organization, particularly in banking sectors include the following.

  1. Identify the needs of the customer
  2. Providing service to meet the identified and at the right price time and right place.
  3. Making some profit meeting customer needs.

The objectives of this research work is to determine the relevance of marketing department in most banks, other objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. To know the application of marketing mix that is suitable in the banking industry between the customer and the bank staff.
  2. To know how the service in banking sector affect the economy of a nation.


        This project work is basically concerned with the banking industry/Sector, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Ilorin Branch (Oja-oba) as the particular reference.  Having, realized its major concerned on the impact of marketing activities in banking sector.


The importance of this study can not be over emphasized as it will go along way in consistency Union Bank of UBA to see to the complains of customers.

The study will also highlight the possible benefits and purpose of marketing department in the bank.  It will also serve as reference for future studies by management students.


This research work is limited in scope due to some problem encountered during the curse of putting the write up together.

Apart from the financial and time constrains that limited the scope of the study, selecting a ban out of 122 branches, operating in the country could not be said to be a good representation or sample of bank required to generalized the impact of marketing department in the bank sector.

Besides, it should be noted that officers of the banks usually decline disclosing certain information often tagged as confidential.  This study equally limited the extent to which useful data were made available.


At this juncture, it is very imperatives to defined some terms used in this chapter to enhance the reader understanding.

1.)    Marketing:- This is the process of identifying the needs of the customers and providing the needs.

2.)    Price:- This is the value consumers place on a particular product, often termed and expressed in monetary form.

3.)    Place:- It includes the various activities the company undertake to make the product available and accessible to the target customer.

4.)    Financial Institution:- This is an institution that serve as a mediator between the surplus spending not and the deficit spending unit.

MARKETING SEGMENTATION:- For marketing effort to be effective the marketer should decide whether to treat his market as a single large unit or as a group of separate smaller unit called  market segments.


Many writers have tried to see this particular issue from different perspectives and classification.  The chapters in this study are divided in to five.  The introduction chapter which the subject matter research objectives, scope of the study statement of problem e.t.c.  chapter two encompasses literature review in the field of study and examines the importance and needs for marketing in banking sector.  Chapter three deals with the historical background of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc and organization structure. Chapter five deals with conclusion, summary and recommendation.



        To different people and profession marketing means different things.  To a lay mean’s view marketing only means mere buying and selling.

To some it is distribution of goods and services to the buyers but actual fact marketing is more than all these especially in this advancing situation we are now.  As a result of the board nature of marketing, it has not been easy to define it, although there are some global definitions yet, each of it has left one significant aspect of marketing or another out of focus


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