Evaluation Of Corporate Goals And Objectives Of Marketing Strategy In A Hotel Industry

The business organization especially the hostelling industry always tries to know how effective their marketing services and the responses received from their customers towards such services.

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Table of contents


  1. 1 Background of the study 1

1.2 Statement of research problem                                          6

1.3 Objective of the study                                                       7

1.4 Significance of the study                                                   8

1.5 Scope of the study                                                             8

1.6 Limitations and constraint of the study                                      9

1.7 Definition of terms                                                           9


2.1 The definition of marketing concepts                                 11

2.2 Type of marketing                                                              12

2.3 Rationale for marketing concepts                                                14

2.4 Uses and benefits of the concepts                                                15

2.5 Difficulties and constraints to effectiveness of the concepts


2.6 The marketing concepts chart                                           20

2.7 The hotels market                                                               21

2.8 Types of marketing concepts applied by Kwara hotel                 23

2.9 Reasons for the application of the concepts                       24

2.10 Benefits of the concepts of Kwara hotel                           25

2.11 Constraints of effective realization of the benefits of the constraints                                                                              26


3.1 Research design                                                                 28

3.2 Research population and sample                                                28

3.3 Data collection instruments                                                          29

3.4 Administration of instruments                                            30

3.5 Method of data analysis                                                      30


  1. 0 Analysis and interpretation 31

4.1 Brief history of the case study                                             39


5.1 Summary of findings                                                                     41

5.2 Conclusion                                                                           42

5.3 Recommendations                                                                44





In the olden days there was no marketing because individual tend to be self sufficient, growing and producing things that needed to satisfy his, basic needs there was almost no exchange of commodities and hence no desire for the market place.

As time passes, however, the concept of division of labour evolved people began to concert rate on producing the items which they cannot/co0uld exchange with others which they cannot produce.

This brought about specialization in production system this people began to exchange goods with goods a system know as trade by barter. This involves the use of some specific items such as cowries shell and horse. After this stage came the existence of a medium of exchange led to the called evolution of commodities and improved marketing of the production system.

In the beginning, the exchange process was in simple from, the emphasis was largely on the production of basic need which usually were in short supply.

Little or no attention was given to marketing later on there was evolution of marketing producers being the manufacturer of their goods in larger quantities in anticipation of future orders.

Marketing are mostly emphasized by all hotel industries all over the world. Marketing is all about organizing the company to meet the need of customers not just today and tomorrow but also five or even ten years time. It is about supporting customers with well designed good quality, reliable product at a price which their considered to be service before, during and after the placing of an order that customers have a right to expect. Marketing therefore is all about the company outward looking for customers oriented to do this you have to be able to put yourselves in the customers shoes (or even better inside their mind) in order to really understand what they want and  what they feel about things only this way can the form organization be itself successfully to meet the needs of the customers.

Marketing is defined by Kotler (1980) as a set of principles for choosing target marketing, measuring their needs development, want satisfying product and service and delivering them at a value to the customers and a profit to the company”.

From the definition marketing process is aimed at getting the right goods to the right person at the right place, and at the right time with right communication process. This means that the activities designed to make commodities available at either time or place where they are more in demand than a time and place at which they are available create wealth to the industries. In this present age of changes marketing is the heartbeat many business operations and it is very important if a business is to be successful.

Meanwhile, marketing concept was defined by Ayaba (1987) as a new philosophy or a way of thinking by the managers that sees the satisfaction for customers need as the key to achieve organizational goals.

However, the hotel proprietor act of 1957 defined hotel as “an establishment offering food and drinks, sleeping accommodations if so required to any customers who appears able and willing to pay for the services and facilities.

  1. According to this definition tourist are mostly considered
  2. As the hotel customers that is / the buyers of hotel products.

Those tourists could be categorized into the common interest domestics. International tourist could be categorized into the common interest domestics and international tourist. Some people tend to fall into one of the above categories hotel therefore could be said to be sewing the public and the success of this hospitality industry would depend on its ability to satisfy customers.

Marketing is the scientific study of exchange relationship. It is also business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producers to the ultimate consumers (users). On the other hand, it is the set of human activities directed at fascinating and consummating exchange.

Despite the importance of marketing in an organization some hotels in this country has not put marketing concept in its proper place.

Marketing concept proclaims that the interest of the forms will be best serve to the form will be best serve to the extent that it can anticipate changing customer’s needs and organize its resources to need these needs. It is also the process of anticipating changing customer’s needs. Marketing activities have been totally neglected in most hostels in Nigeria and partially practiced in very few ones for example, what generally happened in the hotel industry is that the general manager hires as an individual and labels himself with the tag of sales manager, director of sales or similar titles. We assign this person with the job of going after group room business conventions touring groups.

The general manager himself takes up the advertizing to individual room sales. The catering managers take care of the food and banquet manager. The above narration shown that what operates in the hotel is an indefinite, disconnected unrelated accidental sort of partial marketing.

This is so in most Nigeria business because business in Nigeria today especially in the hostelling industry operates in a “seller market” that is market where less attention is paid to the customers need and satisfaction and yet the success or product still sold.

As a result little attention is paid to customers wants and satisfaction and yet the products are sold this is because of (a) lack of suitable substitutes.

(b) The increasing purchasing power of Nigerians.

(C) the value system that prevent in our society but in view of proliferation of hotel and the state of the country economy which is liable to change. Marketing must placed in its proper perspective in the hostelling industry. In fact the hostelling industry to a great extent enjoys the present monopoly being enjoyed by the hotel industry would be broken. And the of economy which reflects on the consumers purchasing ability is liable to change. Hence the stage of marketing orientation rather than selling orientation which operates now becomes essential. The difference being that marketing focuses on the needs of the seller. There are several means and procedures which can be used in marketing campaign in the hostelling industry .V12; sample survey marketing behaviors and competition and marketing research.

This project will examine the following, developing of hotel ling industry, classification of hotels economics and contribution of the study and application of marketing mix to hotel industry finally we should consider how the industry can borrow some of these credible factors for the success of marketing for proper management in assessing the performance of the hostelling industry, a questionnaire was developed for the study to solicit relevant information from management and customer, client of the industry as the issue related to the project.


Over the time, it has been identified that the following are the problems embattling hotel industry in Nigeria with a particular references to Ilorin Kwara State.

However, in the quest of the researcher to provide solution to all these problems has therefore decided to embark on this research;

(i) Declined in the profitability level of most hotels

(ii) Ineffective sales promotion strategies adopted by the hotel.

(iii) Under- utilization of the hotels capacity.

(iv) Absence of qualified marketing manager in the hotels.


The business organization especially the hostelling industry always tries to know how effective their marketing services and the responses received from their customers towards such services. This will go a long way in assessing the extents to which they strive to most their state objectives.

The aims and objective of this study are as follows;—

  1. To ascertain necessary need in carrying out the marketing concepts of the hotelier industry and also examining the roles and needs for marketing in hostelling industry.
  2. To ascertain the necessary measures marketing concepts as a new business strategy has adopted by the hostelling industry.

iii. To clarify and identify the need for marketing in the botching industry so as to form the foundation which the hotels operates upon.

  1. To measure the relevance of marketing concept as new business strategy been adopted by the hotel industry in marketing their services.

To evaluate how corporate goals and objective of marketing strategy in a hotels industry.


The project work will be of significance to the researcher, the customer, the industry and the society or economy as a whole. The project work is of significance to the researcher because it is required in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of higher national diploma (HND) and will also widen the knowledge of the researcher on how marketing can be applicable in the hostelling industry, the project is also of significant to the hostelling industry because it will help to discover the need for market share of the hotel in question, in term of competition and controllable factors facing the hotel the need of the customers will be adequately catered for and their satisfaction enhanced the project is also of significant to the economy because marketing will lead to an improvement in the hotels of the economy because marketing will eventually attract tourist from difference countries of the world and this will help generate currencies which will be of benefits to the country, it will also redeem and promote the image of the country intentionally.


The project work concerned with the application of marketing concepts in the industry in Nigeria and the scope of the study will entails the theoretical scope, geographical and industrial scope marketing mix by the hostelling industry as well as the problems facing the hostelling industry. The geographical scope of the study of the project work is located at Ilorin and its environments, the industrial scope will be hostelling industry since case study under the hostelling industry since case is under the hostelling industry then it was chosen because it has similar characteristics with other types if hostelling under it industry.


The limitation to the study is lack of fund faced by the researcher because the researcher is still depending on people from financial aids management claims there will be leakage of confident report to that is another constraint on the study.

Lack of adequate time also constitute to the constraint experienced by the researchers in carrying out the project work the little time available has to be shared in contending with lecturers and as well as carrying out the project work.  .


Hotel: An establishment was providing accommodation, tourist. It is also an establishment provides, lodging paid on a short term basis ought to conduct our form’s operation.

Lodging: lodging is a type of residential accommodation lodging may be self catering in which available lodging is done in a hostel or hotel.




The marketing concept is one of the marketing management philosophy this concept was evolved in early 1940’s when customer had a lot of catching up to do and company scaled to meet the demand. Business people have begun to recognize that marketing is vitally important to the success of an industry


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