design and implementation of a computerized security information system (a case study of nigeria police force)

Security of life and property is an essential need of an individual as well as a generate body. This calls for the need for a well-organized information security system.

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Security of life and property is an essential need of an individual as well as a generate body. This calls for the need for a well-organized information security system.

Before the advent of computers, there was no security of vital information’s, files where pulled out from  cabinets from sections, which might result to misplacement of individual files, and documents as a result this project was implemented.

This project emphasis on information which is produced in a way understandable by man and the need to store this information so that need to store this information so that it can be referenced when necessary, it also describes how all these could be done electronically. It shows how information could be stored, modified and recalled instantly and accurately through computerization with out access by authorized persons.


This work is divided into four sections namely the preliminaries, the chapters, the bibliography and the appendices. The preliminaries, the abstracts, dedications, acknowledgement, table of contents and the list of appendices.

The chapters were divided into seven, chapter one treats the problem and its setting. This includes the statement of the problems, purpose of the study, aims and objectives, scope and delimitation, limitations and constraint assumptions and defection of terms.

Chapter two treats the review of related literature which includes introduction, and a brief description of our police services.

Chapter three treats the description and analysis of the existing system, organization chart, information flow diagram.

Chapter four treats the design of the new system which involves the procedure, chart, file design, system flowchart and system requirement.

Chapter five of this study discusses the implementation of the new system.

Chapter six discusses the documentation of the new system.

Chapter seven summaries the entire work in a nutshell bringing into view its recommendation for future study.

The bibliography entitle the author’s name and books consulted during the course of the study.

Finally, the appendices comprises the program used to test the thesis.


Cover page

Title page





Organization of the work

Table of contents



  • Background of the study
  • Statement of problem
  • Purpose of study
  • Scope of study
  • Limitations
  • Assumption
  • Definition of terms


Literature review


Descriptions and analysis of the existing system

  • General description of the existing system
  • Methods of fact finding used
  • The organizational structure
  • Objectives of the existing system
  • Input, process, and output analysis
  • Information flow diagram
  • Problem of the existing system
  • Justification for the new system


Design of the new system

  • Output specifications and design
  • Input specifications and design
  • File design
  • Procedure chart
  • System flowchart
  • System requirements



  • Program design
  • Program flow chart
  • Psendocodes
  • Sources programs
  • Test run



  • System documentation
  • Program documentation
  • User documentation


Conclusion and Recommendation

  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation





Information system occupies a vital and unique position in any organization by virtue of the data and information, which it contains. Security of information is of great importance to any given organization this makes the information reliable since information stored can be referenced whenever necessary access by unauthorized persons.

This project analysis the activities and importance of securing information in any organizations and to see that the information is accurately maintained to help the management in decision making and control of the diverse activities of the organization.

The Nigeria police force is responsible for security of live and property and as a result keeps record of vital information given to them by any informant so as to enable them arrest activities or scenes unpleasant to people residing in a particular district.

Therefore, for effective administration and management, the provision of computer based information security for every source station is certainly inevitable, since it will take care of all the problems and inadequacies of the manual system.


Inspite of the level of computation of various organizations, this particular organization on discussion is still at the grass root level. It requires a certain degree of protection especially of vital equipments, properties and information and this cannot be realized through the current system of operation, which is the manual system.


The purpose of this study is to provide a computer based, on line and interactive package that will accurately and efficiently record all data and information about staff, informers, witnesses and accused persons.

It will also eradicate the numerous problems associated with the manual technique of securing information in order to facilitate the transfer and retrieval of information between the various departments of the organization,


Having studied the activities of the police station some benefits could be derived from the computerization of information system and this includes:

  1. Higher security efficiency of information
  2. Quicker access to individual data
  3. Faster treatment of information security oriented cases.
  4. Provision of output information in a readily comprehensible form to those persons involved in the activities of the organization. Provision of communication channels. To compass formal and informal component.

To provide storage facilities for data not immediately required or that may be required to be used more than once.


The scope of this study is to eradicate the numerous problems associated with the manual technique of securing information in order to facilitate the retrieval of information.


A lot of militating constraints were encountered during the course of this write up. They are:-

Inaccessibility to some documents, which arose due to security, imposed on some of the organization documents by the management. It was not also possible to make an in-dept study of these documents, which would have helped in the development of the project work..

Time was a major limitation to this write up, there wasn’t enough time to study the details of the various field of the information department of the organization unavailability of textbook needed for this write – up was not found in the institution library.


For easy implementation of this study some assumption were made.

It is assumed that the software to be designed for the study will help police stations in the effective storage of vital information.

Finally, it is also assumed that by computerizing this organization, information security has been implemented to handle their day to day cases in a better and more organized manner.


Q – Basic    –        The programming language used in designing the project program

Modules      –        This is the act of partitioning software’s logically into elements that performs specific functions and sub functions.

On-line processing         – This is a method of processing that provides direct access to information files used by user’s and so enables updating.

Operations – The action carried out on an activity or process.

Crime record sheet – This contains pertinent information on staff and services as input to the computer system via the standard input deice keyboard

Data entry – This is the standard input device through which the system gets most of the instructions and commands.

Old file – This contains previous information on the staff and crime record and is updated each time on operation is carried out.

Display unit – An output device where systems display mosts outputs on request.

New file – This is an update of the old file and is stored on line in the system hard disk or a floppy diskette.

Storage unit – This is where files are stored and retrieved when needed, it could be the hard – disk, floppy disk, drums e..t.c.

Processing unit – This is where all data are processed and commands from the user carried out.

Password – This is being employed to restrict unauthorized access to information contained in the system; in others it is a security check technique

Witness – This is a person who has actually present at an event and should for these reason be able to describe it.

Accused – This is a person who has done wrong by breaking the law. Information or informers – This is a person who detects offenders and informs the authorities of their offences

Suspect – This is when one have a feeling that someone is guilty.

Search warrant – This is an official authority given to policemen when it is necessary to enter and search a building for any stolen property.

Exhibit – This is a document produced in a law court and referred to in evidence.

Conviction – This is the act of convicting a person for crime.



Every organization in Nigeria is legally require to keep adequate and reliable information about activities that takes place within that system; from which decision making and various activities in the system can be made possible.

However, the process of securing vital unauthorized persons is known as information security system.

Information system can be described also as both the organizational unit which retrieve, send and process data with a statement of the operations performed and its information flow.

Every information system has to be continually adapted to the changing configuration within and without the organization. The structure of information is generally the product of a more or less systematic process of organizational structuring.


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