Design And Fabrication Of A Remote Controlled Motorized White Board Cleaner

Teaching and learning in schools have been done over the years by writing on boards and different methods of cleaning writing boards have been developed in the past.

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1.1      background of the project

  • problem statement
  • aim and objective of the project
  • Justification of the project
  • Scope of the project
  • Advantages of the project



  • Overview of the study
  • Review of related work
  • The proposed system
  • Problem of existing design and objective of new design



  • block diagram of the system
  • system description
  • hardware components
  • hardware implementation
  • system schematic diagram



  • Result And Discussion


  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation
  • References


Teaching and learning in schools have been done over the years by writing on boards and different methods of cleaning writing boards have been developed in the past. This paper presents the design and construction of a remote controlled motorized white board cleaner. The system consists of four basic units: the remote control and transmitter unit, the receiver unit, pulse generator/ control unit and the cleaner unit. The operation of the system is centered on control unit and is such that when the remote button is pressed within the range of 20 meters to the board, the cleaner cleans the board. The speed and direction of the cleaner is also controlled via the remote control. The system makes the teaching efficient and flexible.



1.1      Background of the study

The history of teaching dates back to the very beginning of mankind and from the early man experience and knowledge were passed down from generation to generation. This was evident in the ability of our ancestors to survive and make tools out of stones and woods (Microsoft Encarta 2009). The materials used in teaching have also evolved alongside with the teaching and learning methods. Writings were earlier done on sand, walls, slates made out of wood, chalkboards and in recent times on white boards and electronic boards. The white board has been largely adopted into many other sectors of human endeavor besides teaching because of its many advantages over the chalkboard (Wikipedia 2012a, 2012b).

Blackboards/white boards have been one of the most important part of teaching- learning process in any country. Teachers explain various concepts to their students through writing on these boards. When the board is filled with the written material completely, it is required to be cleaned. A manual duster is generally used for that purpose. But, it will be great if a mechanism is developed that can clean the board remotely.

Wireless remote controls have found great applications in the field of robotics engineering and this is displayed in the use of remotes to control the movements of robots and their body parts. Other areas of application include cable and satellite boxes, digital videodisc players and home audio receivers. In an average household, a remote control is being used at least once or twice in an hour (Horowitz 1995). To facilitate effective and efficient teaching with white boards, different methods of cleaning the boards have been employed. In this paper, the design and implementation of a white board with motorized cleaner is presented as an introduction to the automation of the teaching process easing and reducing the task of clearing the board as it cleans itself via a remote control mechanism which is an improvement introduced by Ogirima (2007).

1.2      Statement of problem

The intended aim of this project work is to design and fabricate an easy working board erasing mechanism which can be controlled without much human efforts from a distance. The purpose is to avoid from the probable health hazards because of the smell of xylene in the marker ink, or because of powder of the chalk. Besides this, another aim is to reduce the overall time of erasing the board as comparative to the manual efforts. Also to make a remote control module for connecting it with the board and controlling as per user’s need from a remote location.

1.3      Aim and objective of the work

The main aim of this work is to control the cleaning of a white board from a distance without making contact with the board using a remote. The objectives are:

  1. To provide human comfort as well as hygiene for the user like a teacher
  2. To build a user-friendliness mechanism which functioning is done just by pressing a single button and the functioning is to be kept simple for use thereby reducing human effort
  • A mechanism that will work in such a way that the force required in erasing the written material should be less than the force developed by the mechanism during
  1. To build a mechanism that must be accurate, and reliable. Not only once or twice, but it should work as expected every It should not loose its functionability with time. The mechanism should work fast enough with negligible noise.
  2. The controllability of the mechanism should be easily controllable even from a distance. Wireless controlling using a remote.

1.5      Justification of the project

The significance of this project work is that on completion of the work, the following will be achieved by applying engineering principles.

  1. Save manpower: It reduces fatigue by eliminating repetitive cleaning of the board manually.
  2. Save time: To clean up the whiteboard in much less time than when it is done manually with a hand duster.
  3. The essence of this project is to upgrade the ordinary whiteboard so that it could be versatile and a very competitive and affordable price.
  4. Portability: to create a technology that is not bulky and space consuming with least noising, to as much as possible not cause destruction to the presentation.

1.6      Scope of the project

The scope of the project is to design a remote control white board cleaner. It involves whiteboard erasing mechanism with its remote controlling. The main part of this board cleaning mechanism is to use an additional attachment with it, which can be activated through a rack and pinion drive. This drive can be operated remotely by just by clicking a power button. This will help us to avoid manual cleaning of the boards, which may cause hygiene problem or smell issues. The mechanism can be used like any other teaching aid in colleges/schools.

1.7      Advantages of the project

  • Easy Cleaning and most hygienic method of cleaning board
  • Automatic white board cleaner makes human work easier and also reduces the use of human power.
  • Fast Board Cleaning



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