Design And Construction Of An Electronic Mosquito Repellent


This work is titled design and construction of an electronic mosquito repellent circuit. Mosquito repellents like coils, mats, liquid vaporizers, creams are often used at various places.

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This work is titled design and construction of an electronic mosquito repellent circuit. Mosquito repellents like coils, mats, liquid vaporizers, creams are often used at various places. However they are prone to be fatal and can cause harm to human beings. For instance, mosquito repellent creams and oils can cause adverse affects on the skin like allergic reactions. Coils, mats can produce toxic fumes when heated and cause breathing trouble, whereas liquid vaporizers can also produce fumes when heated.

For efficient results without any side effects, the most optimum solution is building a simple electronic circuit with minimal components which can produce output so as to repel the mosquitoes. In plain words, this article is going to describe a simple mosquito repellent circuit. Human beings can hear sound in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Sound of any frequency above 20 kHz is termed as ultrasonic sound. Several animals like cats, dogs, insects, mosquitoes have the feature of being able to hear this ultrasonic sound. In mosquitoes, this feature is attributed to the presence of sensory structures in their antennae. Usually ultrasound is transmitted by male mosquitoes and received by female mosquitoes. However after breeding, female mosquitoes generally avoid the ultrasound and this fact can be used to produce ultrasound in a range similar to that produced by male mosquitoes and repel away the mosquitoes.  The ultrasound produces a stress on the antennae of the mosquitoes and repels them away.

The aim of this work is to design which can produce ultrasound in the frequency range of 20 kHz to 38 kHz, which can scare away mosquitoes



1.1                                         BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT

Electronic mosquito repellent is an alternative to other forms of mosquito repellent. The available of a different type of mosquito-fighting product on the market gives consumers the flexibility of choosing the repellent product that is right for them. With a variety of selections to choose from, it is important to know the benefits of each type of repellent from which you are choosing. Electronic mosquito repellent is an important part of the repellent market.

Mosquitoes are a pest to humans in multiple ways. Of course, the most immediate negative side to mosquitoes is the irritation associated with being bitten by them. Mosquitoes are irritating at first when they are biting. Being bitten by mosquitoes while outside is distracting and irritating. This situation can take all the fun out of an outdoor activity as you worry more about the insects than you do about the activities you are there to do and the people whose company you are there to enjoy.

However, beyond the itching that is associated with mosquito bites, mosquitoes are also often carriers of the dangerous West Nile virus. This makes mosquito repellent more necessary than ever because it is so important to protect family and friends from this illness. Electronic mosquito repellent can help protect against West Nile without loading your family up with toxic chemicals in other forms of mosquito repellent.

1.2                                                  PROBLEM STATEMENT

Tackling and getting rid of mosquitoes is quite a tough task especially when you don’t have access to expensive commercial machines. Even the marketed sprays and medicines are toxic chemicals and very harmful to health. To solve this problem, an electronics mosquito repellant was designed. This device attracts mosquitoes by scaring mosquitoes with ultraviolet sound

1.3                                             OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT

Female mosquitoes require blood to develop and produce their eggs. They use their mouth parts or proboscis to suck blood. After a meal, they release saliva into the body of the host. People use mosquito repellents in the form of topical creams, aerosol sprays, electronic devices that release high-pitched sounds.

The objective of this work is to construct electronic devices that release high-pitched sounds which scare away mosquitoes.

1.4                                         SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROJECT

An electronic repellent emits a safe solution into the air, causing protection within a radial distance. This allows protection from perturbing insects, without forcing you and your children to cover you skin in strong chemicals with harsh ingredients and strong odors. This electronic product will last a long time, and is a successful mosquito repellent alternative compared to conventional spray-on repellents.

This type of mosquito repellent is highly valuable because it makes spending time out of doors increasingly safe as well as increasingly comfortable. When you pursue outdoor activities with your family and friends, you do so because you want to spend time enjoying their company and your activities. Stinging mosquitoes can detract from this experience, leaving itching bites that scratch for days on end.

Electronic mosquito repellent offers a safe and spray-free alternative to traditional repellents. It can alleviate the annoyance of being stung and the discomfort of waiting for the stings to heal. It also helps keep your family safe from West Nile virus and other communicable diseases. With your mind off the bugs and their bites, you can better enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

1.5                                           LIMITATION OF THE PROJECT

  • This device requires constant power supply in use
  • It requires mentainance.
  • Some humans with good high-frequency hearing “hear” the emissions as an annoying high-pitched or clicking constant “background” sound. Generally the emissions are silent to most humans.

1.6                                                 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT

This is a simple circuit of ultrasonic mosquito (insect) repeller for insect control based on the theory that insects like mosquito can be repelled by using sound frequencies in the ultrasonic (above 20 KHz) range. This insect repellent frequency is farther than the hearing range of humans, but can cause a lot of nervousness to the insects and also to animals like dogs and cats.

1.7                                          APPLICATION OF THE PROJECT

This device is used in Indoor and outdoor insect controlling in such places like:

  1. Churches
  2. Homes
  3. Offices
  4. Industries
  5. Restaurants/hotel/eateries

1.8                                         METHODOLOGY

To achieve the aim and objectives of this work, the following are the steps involved:

  1. Study of the previous work on the project so as to improve it efficiency.
  2. Draw a block diagram.
  • Test for continuity of components and devices,
  1. Design and calculation for the device was carried out.
  2. Studying of various component used in circuit.
  3. Construction of the circuit was carried out.
  • Finally, the whole device was cased and final test was carried out.

1.9                          PROJECT WORK ORGANISATION

The various stages involved in the development of this project have been properly put into five chapters to enhance comprehensive and concise reading. In this project thesis, the project is organized sequentially as follows:

Chapter one of this work is on the introduction to a rechargeable mosquito repellant. In this chapter, the background, significance, objective limitation and problem of a rechargeable mosquito repellant were discussed.

Chapter two is on literature review of a rechargeable mosquito repellant. In this chapter, all the literature pertaining to this work was reviewed.

Chapter three is on design methodology. In this chapter all the method involved during the design and construction were discussed.

Chapter four is on testing analysis. All testing that result accurate functionality was analyzed.

Chapter five is on conclusion, recommendation and references.




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