Design And Construction Of An Automatic Popcorn Making Machine

This study involves methods for popping popcorn which comprises a heated kettle which is controlled and monitored according to the temperature of the kettle.

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This study involves methods for popping popcorn which comprises a heated kettle which is controlled and monitored according to the temperature of the kettle. The kettle is initially heated to a start cook temperature and a buzzer and light alert an operator to add uncooked popcorn and oil to the kettle which lowers the temperature of the kettle below a predetermined start temperature and initiates a cooking cycle. An oil pump system is enabled at the initiation of the cooking cycle for adding oil to the kettle. As the popcorn and oil cook, the kettle temperature increases and passes through a predetermined dump temperature and the kettle automatically tilts and dumps the cooked popcorn. After the dump, the kettle temperature increases to the start cook temperature again and the buzzer and light are activated to alert the operator to add another batch of ingredients for consecutive batches of popcorn.


1.0                                                        INTRODUCTION

1.1                                           BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Nigeria’s economy has suffered a terrible setback over the year the common man finds it difficult to make for his livelihood, some people take pop-corn as one of their favorite food especially bachelors spinsters who can take pop-corn as super, breakfast and even lunch.

The University and Polytechnics graduate no longer find good employment thereby embarks on self-employment by constructing popcorn machine to meet their needs.

This unemployment constitutes the economic depression of our nations. The popcorn-making machine in constructed with locally made materials at a reduced cost. The design, construction and fabrication of the machine i.e. not in any known text at the moment, the project group therefore faced design, construction and fabrication problem.

1.2                                                  PROBLEM STATEMENT

Conventionally, commercial popcorn poppers have been manually operated and have required an operator’s constant attention for cooking the kernels and subsequently dumping the popped popcorn. For example, an operator would load the kettle with popping oil and unpopped corn kernels and then listen and watch for the unpopped corn to pop. When the operator decided, somewhat arbitrarily, that the corn was sufficiently popped, they would then dump the kettle and spill the popcorn onto the serving platform. Additional oil and corn would then be added for the next batch, and this involves time and much labour. This invention came to solve this problem, it relates generally to popcorn poppers and more specifically to an automatic popcorn popper which produces popcorn in consecutive batches while reducing the amount of attention required from an operator. This invention also relates to an improved method for popping popcorn.

1.3                                 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The main purpose of this invention is to provide a fast and easy means of popping corn.

1.4                                              OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

Objectives of this device are:

  1. To ensure that the popcorn is consistently and properly cooked in each batch.
  2. To reduce the burning of popcorn sometimes associated with conventional machines and operator inattention.
  • To always provide the proper amount of cooking oil and thus reduce the messes associated with such burned popcorn or spilled, uncooked oil and thereby allow an operator to focus upon customers and popcorn sales.
  1. To reduce the delays between fresh batches of popcorn attributable to lack of attention by the operator.
  2. To increase the production rate of consecutive batches of fresh popcorn to thereby increase the sales. from and the profitability of a commercial popcorn popper.
  3. To provide the proper and consistent temperature to the kernels as they cook to ensure proper popping conditions and to maximize the popcorn yield per unit of kernels.


The problems associated with the design of the machine are discussed below.

  1. Selection of Electric Motor: In the market, there are various types of motor with varying speed of rotation per minute. The automated popcorn machine has a striver which turns the corn inside the cast opts as heating on. The striver, which rotates due to the rod connected to it from the motor, should rotate with a low speed to produce the desired effect. In our research, we were able to discover that only a low speed motor could give the desired turning effect.
  2. Heating Element: Another problem in the choice of heating element. There are various kinds of heating elements available in the market ranging from 850- 1500watts. The elements come in different shapes, sizes, and makes e.g. spring type, ring type and plate type.
  3. Third Design Problem is Control and Safety: In the system we discovered that there is the need for the finance circuit to control the operation of the electrical popcorn machine.
  4. Construction and Fabrication of the Housing for the Machine: This is fourth problem, which involves the use of per pex holler rectangular aluminum bars in profile glasses and metal handle. With respect to safety. The machine was made to be safer for the users by incorporating the user of insulator in the design.
  5. it eliminates the use of manual popcorn machine.
  6. It save time and manpower as most of the work in now done by using electricity.
  • it achieve mass production.
  1. The use electrical energy in the production of popcorn.
  2. It produces popcorn at a reduced cost.

1.7                                          IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT

The project will serve as a means of employment to mechanical engineering graduates when properly carried out. Some government can longer guarantee her citizens already made employment. The present economic situation in this country calls for self-reliance. The young technological engineer can embark on the production of the electrical operated popcorn-producing machine on low scale and when buoyant enough can embark on large-scale production. This project serves as a medium of enriching our knowledge of designs and constructions techniques, since it embraces practical and research operation. Thirdly, it will provide employment for the fulltime unemployment house covers. Young men and women who have attended the age of gainful employment from the government. Thus included graduates, young school leavers etc . This will provide means of revenue and livelihood, thereby helping to correct societal ills that is prevail our society.

Finally, this project is also relevant to the technology advancement of the nation. It could be exported to the neighbouring countries thereby serving as a source of foreign exchange earning for the nation.


1.8                                                  DEFINITION OF TERMS

  1. Hot Plate: It is a device that connects electrical energy to leaf energy.
  2. Stirrer: This is the rod attached to the gear of the motor that is rotating and turning the corn in the pot.
  3. Electric Motor: An electrical motor in a device where converted electrical energy to mechanical energy.
  4. Thermostat: A device consisting of two metal of different linear expandability which when electrical current is applied on it can be used to regulate the temperature of heat producing devices.
  5. Connector: It is an electrical accessory used in linking two cables together.
  6. Fuse Plug: IT is an electrical component consisting of fuse element, which can be used to provide an electrical circuit.
  7. Design Drawing: It is a drawing or outline from which something can be made.




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