Design And Construction Of A Voice Controlled Home Automation

Today many residents, household, offices, institutions and organizations use the manual system for controlling appliances either by switching ON/OFF or others.

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Today many residents, household, offices, institutions and organizations use the manual system for controlling appliances either by switching ON/OFF or others.  Automation this project main aim was to propose a considerably cost effective voice controlled system home controlling generally all kind of home appliances found at home. This will help the users to monitor the condition of various home parameters in the home anytime. This project aims to implement a voice controlled automation system using a WI-FI, which is being remotely controlled and monitored by any Android OS smart phone. The system is implemented using ordinary household appliances. Typical language voice headings are given to the Google Assistant, the microcontroller thusly controls the trades related with it as required, turning the device related with the particular relay on or OFF. The microcontroller utilized is ESP8266 NODEMCU and the communication between the microcontroller and the application is established via Wi-Fi (Internet). Home automation is a modern technology that helps to enjoy comfortable living conditions inside the home. With home automation, data can be instantly collected and passed between devices and analyzed simultaneously. By connecting the home appliances with the internet, they can be easily accessed from anywhere. In the home automation system, settings are feasible through smart phones or other remote control devices. Home appliances like fans and lights can be controlled. The fundamental purpose of this project is to control electronic appliances based on the situational demands of the user.\



1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The 21st century which is the era of fastest period of evolution in the information technology. Every single day the concept behind the scene is getting more and more complex to provide the humanity with the best level of comfort. And whenever the thinking goes to think of the most prominent technology which has completely altered the people way of interaction with the normal World, then in that stage the clear concept of IoT (Internet of Things) pops up in mind.

“Home automation” refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activities, and appliances. The utilities and features of our home can be easily controlled via WIFI Internet. There are three main elements of a home automation system: sensors, controllers, and actuators. Having day to day developing technology is a proud moment to the whole world. The foremost aim of the technology is to increase the efficiency and to decrease the effort. In this trending world, Internet of Things is being given extreme importance. In that, Automation, leads to have less effort and much efficiency. By using IoT, we are successful in controlling the appliances in various areas, in which one of them is to control the home automation by using ESP8266 NODEMCU Node Microcontroller. We can also use other boards like raspberry pi, beagle bone etc., in the present-day technology, the whole work is done through communication so the effective way of communication can be done through voice. Even though the technology is developing in our day to day life, there is no help coming into existence for the people who are physically not good on the basis of technology. As the speech enabled, home automation system deploys the use of voice to control the devices. It mainly targets the physically disabled and elderly persons. The home automation will not work if the speech recognition is poor. The speech given by the user will be given as input to the Microphone. Microphone recognizes the speech given by the person and sends it to the recognizing module. It searches for the nearest word even if there are any disturbances in it. If the command (ON/OFF) is given, the action is done.

Similarly, the line following robot functions with respect to the speech commands given to it. The line following robot moves forward and backward with the help of sensors and a motor driver board. Home is the place where one desires to be rest after a long tiring day. People come home exhausted after a long hard-working day. Some are way too tired that they find it hard to move once they land on their couch, sofa or bed. So, any small device/technology that would help them switch theirs lights on or off, or play their favorite music etc. on a go with their voice with the aid of their smart phones would make their home more comfortable. Moreover, it would be better if any man-made objects that can be assigned an IP address and it has the ability to transfer data successfully over a network, the interaction through a network is called IoT. The internet helps us to bring immediate solutions for many problems and able to connect from any of the remote places. The Internets of Things technology is used to come in with innovative idea and large development space for smart homes to improve the living standards of life. The growth of the Internet of Things will reform a number of sectors, like healthcare, automation energy, transportation, etc. The cloud computing can be used in such case to implement the IoT infrastructure that augmented with sensors and actuators to monitor and control “things” from anywhere.


Let’s look at this we are in a world of challenges and purpose, the major reason why the decision to do this project is for flexibility and punctuality of response from home appliances and ease process of using it manually. Because according to observations from various perspectives of home owners and rentals it was discovered that most people find it difficult to even switch off or on their home appliances when they are tired maybe after work or so, which always results to appliance getting damaged or develop vault when dormant, and the case of elderly and physically disabled people too, who find it difficult to physically and manually use this appliances at ease.


The success of any project depends on the ultimate reason for which it has been proposed. There must have some number of aims that could result in the motivation process of designing the project. Aims are certain number requirements which support the project. And firm objectives always give backing to the aims and open the future doors for the better innovation of the proposed idea. Android-based application for controlling the home utilities has certainly an incredible effect on the society, where it can also cause the elimination of discrimination towards the daily life objects when all people will get the same ease of managing utilities. The major aim of this project is to provide a platform which has never existed before. The application software will work along with the google voice recognition services, where it will get the voice command and it will be converted into text format so that it could be understandable in a logical way and that command will be transferred to ESP8266 NODEMCU device via Wi-Fi, and at that point the command will be executed to complete the task, ultimately the action will be performed in the way device is pre-programmed. If we put the things in more short and logical form, following are some of the major aims and objectives of our project.

The objectives of the project include:

  1. This project is designed to use the voice recognition technology to control home utilities e.g. light and fan.
  2. Its implementation especially focuses on the needs of disabled people.
  3. Google voice recognition facility will be utilized to input voice.
  4. Android phone will be used for the application software which will be connected to the google voice command input.
  5. Application software will be responsible for converting the voice command into the text format.
  6. Construction of the overall project


Now a day the advancement in technology various new designed smart systems makes use of Wi-Fi Home automation for various applications. Mostly Wi-Fi network was using home security purpose. The various applications are done by Home automation like doing different works on the command ex switching on the lights when the Home automation is given the command by the Wi-Fi enabled device. And with Voice integrations to this it brings more beauty to it, which gives flexibility and efficiency unlike manually or remote controlled once. This enable and encourage the physically disabled persons to easily relate and control home appliances and lighting systems.


The Voice home automation system will be controlled by the Wi-Fi network in MIT app inventor android application. The Wi-Fi home automation system can be easily turned on and off by using the command in Voice Controlled Home Automation Using ESP8266 NODEMCU and MIT app inventor application. We can make the Home automation do the various task using Wi-Fi network technologies. The scope of this project consist of the microcontroller, power, Wi-Fi connectivity, manual switch and loads. The block diagram represent it below:


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