Application of marketing concept in a non-profit-organization (a case study of securities and exchnage commision abuja)

This study will therefore find out what is means by marketing concept, what it entails and its application marketing concept may mean different things to individual and organization.

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Title Page                                                         i

Certification                                                     ii

Acknowledgement                                            iii

Dedication                                                       iv

Table of contents                                             v


1.0   Introduction

1.1   Statement of study

1.2   Objective of study

1.3   Significant of the study

1.4   Scope and limitation of study

1.5   Limitation of study

1.6   Definition of study


2.0   Introduction

2.1   Meaning of marketing concept

2.2   Importance of marketing concept

2.3   Adoption process of marketing concept

2.4   Marketing concept adoption in non-profit making organization.

2.5   The component of marketing concept

2.6   Problem of marketing concept


3.0   Research methodology

3.1   Population / Sample size

3.2   Sampling method

3.3   Research approach

3.4   Data Collection

3.4.1        Interview

3.4.2 Questionnaire

3.5   Administering of instrument

3.6   Method of Data Presentation and analysis


4.0   Data Presentation

4.1   Presentation of Data

4.2   Data Presentation and analysis of sec. operation


5.0   Summary of findings

5.1   Conclusion

5.2   Recommendation




Marketing is a crucial human invention, it embraces the activities that we engage in to satisfy our economic needs and wont and it is therefore a universal belief that the survival and expansion of a marketing organization is largely a function.

Thus, for marketing to take place, it is necessary that the following exist.

  1. Two or more parities who have unsatisfied wants
  2. Some product or services and money be exchange
  3. Some means of communication between the parties involved.

Marketing can therefore be defined as all the company strategies aimed at satisfying consumer better in the day to day marketing of their good and services.

Marketing can also be defined to a lay man as the management activities creating and distributing goods and service for the satisfaction of human seeds at a profit.


Here is hardly a public on private non-profit organization that is not faced with some problems stemming from its relation to its market  and to achieve with some problems stemming from its relations its market and to achieve its set goals and objectives non-profit marketing organization are faced with a number of problems of which is the application of marketing concept as related to effective strategy planning and corporate objective within the organization, the research work will  therefore investigate and provide answer to the following.

  1. What is understood by the term marketing concept?
  2. Can marketing concept be practice or applied by non-marketing organization and how?
  • What are the problem of applying marketing concept in an organization?


One of the objectives of any organization is profit maximization. To realize these objective, it is the responsibility of the management to formulate the necessary policies for its operation so as to enhance their attainment of the objective and such process include application of marketing concept this study will therefore  find out what is meant by marketing concept.

This study will therefore find out what is means by marketing concept, what it entails and its application marketing concept may mean different things to individual and organization.  It will also be shown in this write up if non-marketing organization apply marketing concept and how it is applied. When and if is only limited to marketing organization in general and  see in particular in applying marketing concept in rendering their service to operators whether from the general public or their staff within or out-side the organization government and soon will be researched into.


        The study will be used to the researcher because it is require in capital fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) it is also useful for future researcher into the subject.

This study will also highlight some problem and their likely solutions, which will hence beneficial to study of economic concept (SEC) in the improvement of their services to their operators and also improve the welfare of the staff and that of the general public, therefore the research works is important not just to the research as a student of marketing but to the organization concerned study of economic concept (SEC). Government, institution and the general public.


This research is going to be concerned with this area a application of marketing concept in non-marketing organization study economic concept (SEC) as an organization of choice, and the sample will be chosen within Abuja township that is, from the consumers, top management staff and middle management staff of study of economic concept (SEC). This study will examine the problem encountered by the study of economic concept (SEC) and how it will be solved, the study would therefore embrace the marketing of services with particular, reference to the application of marketing concept.


The greatest limitation were those of retrieving the questionnaire from the respondents. Two weeks when the researcher called at the organization for the collection of the questionnaire, it was discovered their own. These that were completed were collected while some questionnaire were yet to be returned.

On the part of the operators, some were collected on the spot while few while also not returned.

Finance also provided to be a major limitation constituted a threat to the researcher work. There are times when one was hundred by lack of money or inadequate of it to buy stationery and other necessary materials and there by possess as constraints to the study because, the researcher is also a student, he had to retrain his limited time between school and research study.


It is a fact that a concept world has different meanings to different categories of people. Definition of terms is necessary to guide against ambiguity or misinterpretation the important word and concepts used in his particular research work and defined as follows:

Marketing: This can be defined as all the activities involved in finding out the needs of the consumers and satisfying them with the available goods and services at a profit.

Marketing Concept: This is a philosophy that believe that this satisfaction at the consumer want is to be emphasize at all stages of production and distribution it is also the philosophy, that believes in overall supremacy of consumer satisfaction.

Price/Changes: Price here is an amount of money paid by buyer to seller for a product or services. The researcher here endorses on price/changes as the money value of services rendered by the organization. The economist defined prices as the amount of money, which is needed to acquire in exchange some combined assortment of a product services.


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