An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Small Scale Business On Economic Development Of Nigeria

The  major objective of carrying out  this research is to evaluate small scale industry impact on the economic development of Nigeria.


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Table  of contents

Title page




Table of content

Chapter one


  • background to the study
  • statement of the study
  • aims and objective of the study
  • significance of the study
  • scope of the study
  • limitation of the study
  • research methodology

Chapter Two Literature Review

  • concept of small scale business
  • small scale business in Nigeria
  • conceptualization economic development II
  • relevance of small scale business in economic development
  • types of small scale industries
  • sources of financial small scale business
  • problems of small scale industries in the development process.

Chapter three : research  methodology

  • introduction
  • research study area
  • research population and sample
  • research instrument
  • validity of the instrument
  • administration of the instrument
  • method of data analysis.

CHAPTER FOUR: presentation and  analysis of result

  • introduction
  • preview of the questionnaire administered
  • presentation of result


  • summary
  • conclusion
  • recommendation






The guest for economic development ensure overall improvement in individual well being of citizen  as been the pre occupation  of every nation. The process involves  a number of approaches. One of these is the adoption of an industrialization  strategy at a point  in time relevant  to the prevailing needs of development. Developing countries are under much pressure in this regard  because of their general peculiar features  which among other include concentration of high  proportion growth  low level of savings, general  poverty of various dimension, poor credit and marketing  facility etc (on wumere, 2000)

in fact many developing countries have attached high priority to the industrial sector in their development plans  possibly as a result of  their attraction  to many development theories  that have tended to  see industrialization as the gateway to modernization Nigeria, like many of them had on gaining political independence, adopted  import substitution as her industrialization strategy. Thus  should not be surprising, because  even as at today. Most of the rich advanced  countries  are rich because they are industrialized.

Incidentally, the past policies and strategies failed to generate self sustaining growth  largely because  of their reference establishment  of large scale  firm. Resources (human and material) had largely idled in the face of mounting  problems

Since the 1970s, therefore, developing  countries have been compelled, in the face of thus problems to look for alternative approaches to development. One of these approaches  has been the redirection o f efforts and encouragement of small and medium scale enterprises (SMES). Since the  introduction. However, the role of small  scale industries on the economic  development  of Nigeria  has help the economy  to improve to a maximum level unlike when  Nigeria use to import all her need from the overseas  countries which of course made the economy worse that time (Oshagbemi, 2000).

The contribution  of SMES to the development  process are such that any country  are such that any country can only ignore its own peril. Hence, there is need to evaluate  the impact of small scale business on economic development


Development  strategies in the past had favoured large scale concerns which  had not yielded much desired  not returns  to their economic. The quest for economic  development to ensure  over all improvement  in individual well-being  of citizens  then become the occupation of every nation, hence an attempt to incorporate the small and medium scale  industries then become important  with the incorporation, has thus been able to foster economic development in the  Nigerian  own situation? This become a problem which this study tries to proffer  solution to, so as to evaluate  its importance on the economic  development of Nigeria.


The  major objective of carrying out  this research is to evaluate small scale industry impact on the economic development of Nigeria.

I will also focus on the following areas

  1. To identify  constraints such as fund and management  of SMES
  2. To identify strategies that would be used in operation of MES in kwara state
  • To examine the economic potential  of SMEs on gross domestic  products and creations
  1. To establish the importance of SMES as an option of  economic  developing recovery growth  in Nigeria.
  2. To identify the role played in government towards the promotion  and developing of SMEs
  3. To examine and identify the constraints such as funding  and managing  of SMEs

Finally, the  research  work will lay emphasis on the  various agencies  established by government to promote small- scale industries in Nigeria.


The research  work carried out on the evaluation of small scale  business on the development of Nigeria is of significant important to the academic world in various institutions.

The study is also helpful to  small scale business enterprises  as it would burden their knowledge  efficiency and effectiveness in small scale business management.


The research  topic is so wide and  broad but in  order to make the study more easier in carrying out explicitly, we have based our research  on  Sawo industry as our case study.


in the process of carrying out  this research project, there  were some problems being encountered such as unavailability  of fund  to really  carry out the unavailability  of fund to really carryout  the research  work so extensively on time.

Secondly, this was the problems of time constraint  which made it impossible to travel wide to obtain some  important  document  and information  that could serve as useful guide on the topic and study.

Another problem encountered  was the delay in administrating  the questionnaire. It took a relentless effort before I could  get in touch  with some of the upper  management  of the organization due to  security  constraints.


The research  project is grouped in  to five chapters. The first  chapter comprises the  introduction, statement of problem, objective of the study, significance, scope, limitation, research methodology and organization of the study.

The second chapter comprises of the literature  review chapter three contains the  research  methodology  while chapter four  deals with  analysis  and presentation  of data and chapter five give the summary conclusion and policy recommendations.


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