Adolesent’s Perception Towards Nursing As A Choice Of Career Amoug S.S.S.3 Student Of Selected Senior Secondary School In Ilorin Abdul Kabir Rofiat

To identify the knowledge of adolescent on nursing profession. To identify the perception of adolescent in choosing nursing as career.

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1.0     Introduction

1.1     Background of the study

1.2     Statement of problem

1.3     Objectives of the study

1.4     Significant of the study

1.5     Research questions

1.6     Research hypothesis

1.7     Scope of the study

1.8     Operational Definition of Terms


2.0     Literature Review

2.1     Adolescent

2.2     Nurse

2.3     Nursing

2.4     Nursing Profession

2.5     Nursing as a Career

2.6     Nursing as a Great career choice

2.7     Nursing Knowledge

2.8     Reasons for choosing nursing career

2.9     Perception of Nursing

2.10   Factors that influence the choice of nursing career

2.11   Theoretical frame work

2.12   Application  to the study


3.0     Research Methodology

3.1     Research Design

3.2     Area of Study

3.3     Target Population

3.4     Sampling Techniques

3.5     Determination of Sample Size

3.6     Instrument of Data Collection

3.7     Validity of Instrument

3.8     Reliability of Instrument

3.9     Method of Data Collection

3.10   Method of Data Analysis

3.11   Ethical Consideration


4.0     Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1     Testing of Research Hypothesis

4.2     Answering of Research Questions


5.0     Discussion of Findings

5.1     Implication for Nursing

5.2     Summary

5.3     Conclusion

5.4     Recommendation

5.5     Limitation of the study

5.6     Suggestion for Further studies




Table 4.1.1shown distribution age of respondents

Table 4.1.2 shown sex distribution of the respondents

Table 4.1.3 shows religion distribution of the respondents

Table 4.1.4 shows the family background of the respondents

Table 4.1.5 shows the ethnicity distribution of respondents

Table 4.1.6 shows the level of education of respondents


Table 4.1.7 shows respondents parents occupation

Table 4.1.8 have you heard about nursing profession

Table 4.1.9 if yes ,where ?

Table 4.1.10 who is a professional nurse

Table 4.1.11 in your own opinion who goes for nursing

Table 4.1.12 where do nurses work

Table 4.1.13 illustrate perceptions of adolescent on choosing nursing as career.

Table 4.1.14 who influence you in your choice of career.

Table 4.1.15 illustrate factors that influence adolescent choice of nursing as career.

Table 4.2.1 illustrates contingency table for hypothesis 1

Table 4.2.2 illustrates calculation for hypothesis 1

Table 4.2.3 illustrates contingency table for hypothesis 2

Table 4.2.4 illustrates contingency for hypothesis 2

Table 4.2.5 illustrates contingency table for hypothesis 3

Table 4.2.6 illustrates calculation for hypothesis 3




Nursing is the largest health care profession in the health  care context (price et al., 2013), however the shortage of nurse is not a recent phenomenon. Its central significance given the fact that the care permeates every stratum and  segment of any parathions, which are elaborate in mature, places them  in advantage position to render high quality services to the community (I O M, 2009). The Sustainability of nursing depends on maintaining an equilibrium regarding those that enter and exit the profession. A multidimensional perspective about career choice has to be examined in order to situate the  choice of nursing as a career among adolescents become physically and psychologically mature and acquires a personal identity (kozier and erb’s, 2012). Career choice is one the critical decisions adolescents are expected to make as the effective choice will have positive impact on their self- concept development, and fulfillment of one’s life purpose.

Perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted (S. Swarna, 2015). It is important to a certain how students perceive nursing to be  their career.

Florence nightingale defined nursing  nearly 150 years ago as the act of living the environment of the patient to assist him in recovery (kozier and Erb’s, 2013). The philosophy has also been defined by many nursing theorist and nursing associations. Virginal Henderson was one of the first modern nurses is to assist the individual, sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health or its recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he will perform unaided if had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge, and to do this in such a way as to help him gain independence as rapidly as possible (kozier and Erb’s 2012 ).

Choice is one selection or preference: that which is chosen or decided; the out come of a decision (livior 2015.) career is the series of job that a person has in a particular area of work usually involving more responsibility as time passes (oxford, 2010).  Career choice is greatly influenced by a number of factors. Parental background and communication between parents and children, interests and role models have be implicated as determining the choice of career (sawihri Etal., 2o12, price, 2009).

Students (knight Etal., 2011) often begain inustingating  career choices, and discussing their future plans in middle school ,and interest  have always been the reasons adduced for opting to pick nursing as a career. It was reported that altruising and interest have been identified as reasons for becoming a nurse (ogunyewo)


Nursing is the care profession in  health care setting right from onset there is in adequate student enrolment into schools of nursing compared to other institutions like polytechnics or college of education , also student prepare to choose other course like medicine , pharmacy law when compared to the rate at which nursing is choosen as seen in 2016 jamb registration statistics of university of Lagos where7,805 candidates choose medicine, 5,525 candidate choose law, and 2,027 candidates choose  pharmacy while only 1,608 candidate choose nursing. These in turn result in inability to maintain sustainability and equilibrium regarding those that enter and have the profession which in turn leads to inadequate nurses in many government hospitals today.

Also adolescent world is characterized by a lot of inconsistencies and contradictions owing to the fact that their decision outcomes are functions of experience, exposure and reasoning which are not as accurate and developed as that of adults, which make career choice for adolescent to be difficult. All the above stated problems motivate the researcher to study the perception of adolescents towards nursing as a career choice deficiency of nurses.


*        To identify the knowledge of adolescent on nursing profession.

*        To identify the perception of adolescent in choosing nursing as career

*        To identify the factors that influence the adolescent choice of nursing as career


This study is design to explore the perception of adolescent on choice of nursing as a career.

The study is of great significance to the researcher, adolescent, nursing profession and the society at large What as stated below.

  • The outcome of the study will enable the researcher to know the level of understanding of adolescent on nursing profession and the value placed on it by them.
  • The study will serve as an indirect enlightment campaign to the student t, the society and people who wish to choose nursing as a profession or encourage their relations to choose nursing profession.
  • It will help in maintaining the professional nursing profession by maintaining the professional expectation and responsibilities of the old members.


  • What is the level of knowledge of adolescent on nursing profession.
  • What are the perceptions of adolescent on choosing nursing as career.
  • What are the factors that influence their choice of nursing as career.


  • There is no significant relationship between adolescent knowledge and choosing nursing as career.
  • There is no significant relationship between perception of adolescent and choice of nursing as career.
  • There is no significant relationship between factors that influence their choice and consideration of nursing as career.


The study is carried out among adolescents students of S.S.S 3 of selected secondary schools in Ilorin. The selected secondary schools are government girls day secondary school Oko-Erin, government day secondary school  Odo-Ekun and Baboko Community Secondary School  Ilorin.


  • Adolescent: refers to the transitional years between childhood and adulthood in Human development, generally, referred to as teenage years.
  • Perception: conscious understanding of something.
  • Career: one’s calling in life; a person’s occupation; one’s profession.
  • Choice : an option, an opportunity to choose or select something.
  • Nursing: is a dynamic caring and helping relationship in which the nurses assist the client to achieves the optimal health
  • Nurse: a person who is qualified in the art and science and meet certain prescribed standard of education and clinical competence.
  • Profession: is a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.
  • Secondary school: a state school attended between the ages of 11 and 16 or 18. It usually follows primary education and leads to either employment or college/ university education.
  • Student: a person who studies a particular academic subject.




Adolescent (WHO, 2014) is reported to be a period in human growth and      development that occurs after childhood band before adulthood, from ages 10 to 19, and represents one of the critical transitions in the life span. There is a report (gray etal,2013) that “there are about 1.2 billion adolescents globally, and their development is impacted by povert5y, gender inequity, low educational attainment, socio- cultural and regulatory barriers”

‘Adolescent’s career choice is one of the most critical decisions they are expected to make as the right choice often leads to self- fulfillment in life. adolescent girls are more likely (Novakovic and fouad, 2012) do make career decisions  that would be influenced by gender stereotypes and experiences of discrimination in the educational setting. a myriad of early influenced (price et al ., 2013), such as gender role orientation, personality, educational experiences, parental and peer interactions impact on occupational choice


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